Mind and Body: Ways for Travel Nurses to Stay Healthy

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By Lirika Hart

April 7, 2023



Mind and Body: How Travel Nurses Can Stay Healthy Through Shifts  

Every job type differs from the other; one can be less stressful, and the other can be very overwhelming. By not trying to minimize other people’s jobs, we have to be forever grateful for travel nurses worldwide. Working long hours every day and trying to take care of everyone because that is their purpose can be truly immense. They do care for our well-being, but do they care about theirs? If a nurse is not in good condition, that might cause major problems. It is really important for them to stay healthy and on point. Because how are you going to take care of someone if you’re not going to take care of yourself first? Travel nurses who live a healthy lifestyle perform better on the job and are less stressed. It is understandable that this may be hard for them to achieve, but we can try and make some adjustments here and there, and this is how.

You Are What You Eat 

No one knows this better than a nurse; however, those long hours can’t promise you’ll practice what you preach. Food has a great impact on a nurse’s life. Sometimes you just grab something from your colleague’s lunch, not because you’re hungry but because they offered. You get overworked with patients; then you suddenly remember you haven’t eaten anything but 5 almonds, an apple, and God knows how many cups of coffee. Developing a healthy meal plan for a 12-hour shift or, in the best-case scenario, a week will undoubtedly save your health. This meal plan should include a lot of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Low-calorie diets will keep your body energized and allow you to work more efficiently. Those who consume junk food during their shifts tend to perform with less energy.

Travel nurses tend to drink a lot of energy drinks in order to gain energy and finish their tasks. They might work in the short term, but even they know that in the long term, energy drinks are very unhealthy. While you’re making the meal plan, you might want to throw some cucumber, lemon, and parsley in your blender and make some detox water. Consider switching from energy drinks to detox water. If you forgot or didn’t have enough time to make detox water, stick to just water instead.  

Your body needs to be hydrated all the time, especially in the medical profession. Dehydration can lead to serious complications, and with your profession, you can’t afford to get sick. When you don’t drink enough water, even the smallest symptoms can cause an issue. For example, with a headache, it might be difficult for you to focus and concentrate, two of the most important things for a nurse. Just pay attention to what kind of water you’re drinking. You probably don’t have the time to go buy a new bottle of water every time, and you don’t want to end up drinking contaminated water. Stick to an RO water filter instead and drink only clean and fresh water.  

A healthy Body Leads to a Healthy Mind. 

 Once you have maintained a healthy diet, the journey to a healthy mind gets easier. Our body and mind work together. One does not go without the other. But, of course, maintaining a healthy diet doesn’t complete the job. Travel nurses usually complain that they get so tired and cannot get enough sleep, or when they do, they don’t sleep well. Exercise can help with sleep. But if you don’t have time for exercise, taking a walk to your job, walking the stairs, or using your lunch break to meditate or do yoga will definitely help keep your mind intact.  


A job in any kind of medical field is truly overwhelming. It is so overwhelming that people in those professions usually tend to forget about their well-being. Their well-being is actually essential to their job performance because a lot of responsibility is in their hands. And sometimes, this big burden they have with their patient’s well-being and long hours of work can lead to burnout. By creating a meal plan in advance, drinking lots of water, avoiding caffeine, and doing some physical activity whenever you can, will help you have a great job performance. With a healthy body and mind, you will be able to concentrate and focus better, finish your tasks perfectly, and feel more energetic.

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