What You Might Be Missing Online: Internet Tips for Travel Nurses

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

January 21, 2018



What You Might Be Missing Online

Point and click your way to these handy tools for nurses on the go. The Internet can be a vast open space and perhaps a bit overwhelming at times to navigate. There are, however, a number of useful sites and often times a complementary app that you can download directly to your mobile device. Whether it’s finding your way in a new place, saving time, or saving money, these sites are worth a look.


Groupon sets out to connect consumers with businesses online. And, the merchants attract customers with fabulous deals. These can be discounts, free giveaways, add ons, just about anything that will make a buyer smile. And the offers span burgers to yoga—virtually every facet of life—travel, food, entertainment, and more. The company recently celebrated its one billionth Groupon, putting the company in the same group as Apple, McDonald’s, Uber, The Beatles, Elvis, and other brands that have achieved the billion-sold milestone. “The billionth Groupon sold was an $11 for $20 promotion for pizza and Italian food at Pirrone’s Pizzeria in the St. Louis area.” You can search the site by location, offer type, and more. Visit www.groupon.com to view deals.


Mapquest wants you to think of travel as an adventure. And for you to enjoy a safe well-planned journey wherever you go. It was a pioneer in the digital mapping arena, providing directions and easy to follow maps you could quickly print and take along. Like technology, the company has evolved. Today the website offers the many trusted tools you are familiar with and a complimentary app for your mobile device. You now get talking directions while driving, automatic route recalculation when you deviate from the course provided. And with a few clicks, you can easily find restaurants, shopping, hotels, and more along your route or near your location for even more convenience. Get started at www.mapquest.com


You may well recognize Amazon as a shopping mecca of the Internet. One of the first online retail sites that cumulated thousands of retailers and brands across the globe. It launched the digital catalog age. A robust website allows you to search, sort, save, create wish lists, create your own ship to the directory, and save payment methods.  You are sure to find solutions for every need and you may sometimes want to grab the Deal of the Day. The team at Amazon works tirelessly to add features and functionality to their site. For example, you’ll get suggestions based on your activity, suggested products that others ultimately purchased, and user reviews. With an annual Prime membership fee many designated products ship within two business days. Also with Prime, you get free access to thousands of streaming movies, TV shows, and original series. Visit www.amazon.com

The Weather Channel

This site is a must-have for safe and predictable travel. It is the most popular source of digital weather information online and via apps for mobile, tablet, web, and wearable devices. The company boasts an unduplicated U.S. audience of 133 million unique visitors monthly across digital platforms. Its reach includes more than 200 million global mobile app downloads – with more than 14.6 million U.S. consumers visiting daily and 50 million monthly. From hourly forecasts to a live storm tracker you’ll want to bookmark www.weather.com

Meal Solutions-

It’s not always easy to create healthy meals on a busy schedule. Even if you have a well-stocked refrigerator, you may not be a natural at designing an entire well-balanced meal. There are many online sites that can help you. Home Chef helps busy people skip shopping and create delicious meals in 30 minutes. The program includes weekly new recipes and all the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door. The company’s team includes several chefs, and more than 300 employees across production, marketing, technology, product, design, and customer service. In 2015 they delivered over 1 million meals and recently expanded delivery to cover 90% of the United States. Recently ABC conducted an independent test to see how Home Chef pricing stands up to grocery store costs. It concluded that cooking with Home Chef was, on average, 65% cheaper than shopping for the same ingredients at the supermarket, including shipping. Menus and pricing at www.homechef.com

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