Market Yourself as a Travel Nurse: A Complete Guide

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By Frank Hamilton

August 30, 2021



A Complete Guide to Market Yourself as a Travel Nurse

The pandemic triggered the demand for travel nursing professionals. But at the same time, it created fierce competition among specialists. Finding a decent job is no longer as easy as before, as travel nurses have many new requirements.

How to overcome tough competition in the labor market and become one of the first to receive the best offers? What is possible to do? Use the following tips to promote yourself as a nursing professional.

Top 5 Tips To Market Yourself As A Travel Nurse

Against the background of increased demand and competition, you have to improve your qualifications and get new experience within the framework of your career. It is time to learn how to promote yourself in the labor market properly. Get started with the following tips to find the best jobs in travel nursing.

Create a Quality CV

The first place to start is to update and rewrite your CV. Most likely, you have gained new skills and experience when dealing with the challenges 2020 made us face. Many people forget to update their resumes from time to time, especially when they have constant work. But for the travel nurses, keeping your resume up-to-date is a must-do.

Do not forget to add new certificates or knowledge of foreign languages. Any international experience will be a great point in your CV. Highlight your traveling nurse experience, plus describe the challenges you have faced and the ways you overcome them.

Create Your Site

The next step for successfully promoting yourself as a specialist is to think about creating your own website. It will be something like a business card or an online resume. You can also run your blog to share your expertise, use-cases, and stories to showcase yourself as a nursing professional and personality at once.

Remember about SEO promotion, as it will help your site reach the top of the search results. Accordingly, your site will be better discoverable and findable by those in search of travel nursing services.

As for promoting your blog, consider using guest posting to reach your target audience and improve your website’s position in the search result. All you need to do is find sites that accept medical guest posts and write some valuable articles that will link back to your website. Find more details here about medical blogs that accept guest posts and how to collaborate with them. By the way, you can discover more about this topic on a website as well.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms that allow people to find new business connections. Medical service is no exception, which means that you can find travel nurse agencies with top salary offers within this social network.

There you can post your resume and link to your website. It is noteworthy that there are many HR managers on this site, and they are in constant search of the specialists they need. Therefore, creating a profile on this platform is a potential opportunity to receive tempting offers even without additional promotion effort.  But if possible, you should devote your time to updating your Linkedin profile and connecting to those who can offer you a job you are looking for.

Find a Recruiter

One of the best ways to stop worrying about your career is to make a connection with a reliable recruiter. As noted earlier, you can find a suitable one on LinkedIn and stay in touch all the time. The new job opportunities can appear unexpectedly, and there are always a lot of applicants for a vacancy.

Therefore, friendly relationships and ongoing communication with recruiters are a good idea for those who want to remain attractive to employers and be the first to receive the best offers. Some specialists keep in touch with several recruiters so that you can follow this tactic as well.

Follow Nursing Ethics

Another important piece of advice for travel nurses is always to follow the rules of medical ethics. As one of the points, it’s about always being positive about your customers. The main thing is to never complain to your new employer about your experience, especially if this experience was negative. Try to turn negative situations into positive experiences. Focus on the ways you dealt with them and the skills you gained in the process.

Moreover, travel nursing companies are always looking for specialists who know how to care from a medical perspective and a human one. Therefore, politeness, calmness, and a positive attitude are needed for those who want to promote themselves as great specialists and get the best jobs offers.

The Bottom Line

Travel nursing services are in great demand. Make sure to show your future employers you are serious about taking care of people – your professionally created CV, website, and well-developed LinkedIn profile can already say a lot about you. Also, don’t forget about making a good impression as a personality and a human since your personal qualities are no less important than professional ones.

With the market as hot as it is right now for travel nurses, it is more important than ever to know how to market yourself as a travel nurse. We hope you found these tips helpful. Have you found ways to market yourself as a travel nurse that has helped you on your travel nursing journey? Comment them below.

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