Managing Medications While Hustling as a Travel Nurse


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November 16, 2022



Managing Your Medications While Hustling as a Travel Nurse

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Written by: Melissa Reeves, Recruitment Consultant, Medical Edge Recruitment

You are a travel nurse; you work long hours on your feet taking care of others; it is your passion. You know you are strong – you can do this; after all, this is what you signed up for, but you did not ask for a medical condition, consuming more time than you have.  The hassle of scheduling time for doctor appointments and pharmacy lines is already daunting; factor in working a demanding career requiring you to travel often, sometimes changing states, and it can quickly become overwhelming.  Some who take daily meds, especially those prescribed controlled substances, may wonder if travel nursing is even an option for them.  Many seasoned travel nurses who require daily medication have shared these tips for managing medications while on assignment as a travel nurse.

Managing medications while on assignment as a travel nurse

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Research the state you plan to travel to

The first thing you must do is research the state you are planning to travel to; each state has different laws in place regarding prescription medications.  Depending on the medication, you may find there are limitations to where you can travel.  Some states have laws that are more relaxed than others.  Some limit your prescription to 30 days at a time, with refills pending doctor visits; some states do not accept paper prescriptions at all and might require the prescription be written by a doctor from that same state. The bottom line, know the laws in the state you are planning to travel to and make sure you have a plan before accepting a contract in that state.

Utilize telemedicine

Many nurses who travel regularly say that telemedicine appointments are the most useful tool when traveling with health conditions. Try an app like Push Health or Circle Medical to help find a doctor who can see you through an online visit.  There are other apps like Health Warehouse, an online pharmacy that will deliver right to your door. Using an app to find a doctor, schedule online visits, and get prescriptions is a new era in healthcare and could be the best way for you to minimize the challenges that come with managing your health while traveling to different states.

Some travelers prefer to seek treatment from one doctor they trust and who is familiar with their treatment plan. They say to have an open discussion about the demands of your career and ask what your doctor offers their patients who travel for work. Find a doctor who can accommodate you with virtual visits and 90-day prescriptions.

Choose a pharmacy chain.

Another helpful tool is to choose a pharmacy chain available in all the states you will be going to, like CVS or Walmart, making it much easier to transfer your prescriptions from state to state using the same pharmacy. Whatever chain you are looking at, be sure that the pharmacy takes your insurance. For example, CVS doesn’t take Blue Cross Blue Shield, but Walgreens does. Also, be careful because some chain pharmacies will not accept your prescription from an online doctor or telehealth app, be sure to check with your pharmacy first.

Even with these tips, some travelers will tell you that the medications prescribed to them are so regulated that nothing seems to work, and their only option is to have someone they trust to pick up their prescriptions and mail them.  This is not always a good idea; there are laws restricting the types of medications that can be sent in the mail; always do thorough research into the policies and procedures of each state.

Do your research and figure out which combination of these tips works best for you. 

Your healthcare needs should not limit you.  Accept the fact that you might not be able to go to every state, and you may have to make a trip home a few extra times a year to get the care you need.  Your health comes first, and without that, you will not be able to take care of all those who depend on you.

We hope you found these tips for managing medications while travel nursing helpful. Do you have any ways of managing medications while you are on an assignment that we didn’t mention? Comment them below.

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