TGN Education Series: Travel Nurse Housing (Tips for Travel Nurses)


October 19, 2020



TGN Education Series: Travel Nurse Housing

Travel Nurse Housing

Jean Cook and Ashley Graham from Travel Nurse Across America went live on our Facebook fan page recently to discuss all the aspects of travel nurse housing.

These include:

  • Things to consider before you begin your travel nurse housing search
    • Location
    • Budget
    • Pets
  • Myths vs. Reality
    • Long term vs. Short term
    • Rental Market
    • Hotels
    • Seasonal
    • Don’t assume
      • It is easy
      • You will get that rate again.
  • Resources
    • Read reviews
    • Google Maps
    • Agency Resources
    • Ask, Ask, Ask

About the presenters:

Jean Cook –

Jean loves to learn and to educate. She has led all support team functions as CFO and COO in the industry. Jean regularly works with groups of travelers, co-workers, and in the industry on education that will allow them to make the most out of all that traveling has to offer.

Ashley Graham –

With almost 18 years in the industry, Ashley is passionate about providing top-notch service and travelers’ support. Ashley leads a team that is responsible for reviewing tax status for every new assignment. Really understanding tax compliance can be a daunting task; Ashley enjoys simplifying the process by breaking it down into digestible parts that can be easily understood. SHOW LESS.

If you have any questions you would like to ask or have tips for fellow travel nurses on finding or securing travel nurse housing comment them below.

If you are a travel nurse looking for housing for your next assignment check out our Housing Page!

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