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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

February 8, 2020



Lessons Learned in Travel Nursing

A recent discussion on the Gypsy Nurse Network asked our members about “Lessons you’ve learned” in travel nursing. The poster wanted some tips and advice on what to look for and be aware of. The members gave some great feedback so I’ve summarized it here for you.

1. Get your pay in writing and know how to calculate your OWN take home pay. Get your taxed and non taxed $$ amounts prior to telling the agency if your interested or not.

2. Have a list of questions to ask during your interview.

3. Have a nest egg in the bank. You never know when a contract might be cancelled, an emergency at home or a myriad of other things that could cause you to need an emergency fund.

4. Do research on the hospital. What have other travelers

5. Do not let someone bully or pressure you into a job.

6. Never believe 100% of what you are told in interviews.

7. Have your time requested off written into your contract. Weddings, vacation, special events, etc.

8. Once on assignment BE SWITZERLAND

9. Expect the unexpected. Nothing is ever like you expect.

10. Trust your gut.

For me, each contract is a lesson as I go…. I’ve learned so much and still have so much more to learn. This isn’t a complete list. I recommend that you read through and follow our Travel Nurse Guide for even more details.
Do you have tips or lessons that you’ve learned along the way?

Please share them in the comments below!

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