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October 24, 2018



Learn More about #TNAAGivesBack and Your Chance to Win!

This article is sponsored by Travel Nurse Across America

Nurses work hard. Nursing is a rewarding profession, but it also comes with emotional and physical challenges on a daily basis. Travel nursing is certainly adventurous, though it comes with its own additional challenges of moving every few months, settling into a new facility unit, and meeting new people.

Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA) recognizes the commitment and strong work ethic that every travel nurse puts into their career. Travelers make sacrifices and spend time away from friends and family so they can change lives and show compassion to strangers every single day.

TNAA wants to give back to the industry that we value and serve – and this is how.

#TNAAgivesback is inspired by the journey, experience, and selfless lifestyle travel nurses lead. For the months of October 2018 through January 2019, TNAA will be giving away weekly prizes via social media – as well as four Ultimate Prize Packages, which include A BRAND NEW SUBARU Crosstrek!

Ultimate Prize Package drawings will take place monthly. Social media prizes will be given away at random. Be sure to follow TNAA on Facebook and Instagram and keep a lookout for your chance to win!

Curious to know how you can win a new car and drive to your next assignment in style? Here are the details! It’s simple. Do one of the following during October 2018 through January 2019: 

1) Start a new assignment with TNAA.

2) Extend an assignment with TNAA.

3) Refer-a-friend who starts an assignment with TNAA.


Ready to enter? Simply apply for a new assignment or refer-a-friend. If you happen to be a current TNAA traveler, call your recruiter today about your rebook and extension options!


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