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By Triage Healthcare Staffing

November 21, 2023



How to Land a Travel Assignment in a Desirable Area

Triage Healthcare Staffing provided this article.

If you’re looking for an assignment in a great location, you know the competition is fierce. Desirable locations have a lot of nurses, all competing for the same jobs. Luckily, we’ve got tips that can help you land a travel assignment where you want to go—even if lots of other nurses are all vying for the same position.

land a travel assignment

Be Flexible with Pay or Housing

In desirable areas, you may need to be less picky than with a normal assignment. This means that the average pay rate may be lower than you’re used to because so many other nurses are interested in the area. It’s simple supply and demand—if the supply of nurses who want to experience a specific area is higher than normal, the facilities will lower the bill rate, which directly affects travel nurse pay.

Housing may be hard to come by in popular areas, too. This can affect you in one of two ways: you may need to pay more for housing that’s close to the facility or live further away. Either option works. It just depends on what you want out of your living situation.

Book an Assignment in the Off Season and Extend

This tip comes directly from a pair of Triage travelers. Our travelers often think ahead to where they want to spend the summer and then book an assignment in that location in the spring. That way, when the summer is close, they are already in the area and their first choice when the position opens up. Of course, this tip might not work as well in locations like Hawaii that are super popular year-round, but our travelers have found it to work in nearly every instance.

land a travel assignment

Work with a Recruiter You Can Trust

A recruiter you can trust is an invaluable resource. When you have someone in your corner that you trust, you’ll be able to have a conversation with your recruiter about what you’re looking for in an assignment. By maintaining this relationship, your recruiter will be able to look out for the locations you want to work in. Then, if you have your profile ready, your recruiter can submit you within seconds once you give them the go-ahead. When there’s a lot of competition for desirable locations, being first in line can make it more likely that you get the assignment. The early bird gets the worm, right?

Be Open to a Night Shift or Float Pool

Lastly, being open to a night shift or float pool can help your chances of being hired in a competitive location. When you’re flexible with your shift or willing to jump in and help out in a different specialty, you’re a more attractive candidate for the facility. However, make sure that you talk to your recruiter to ensure you’re not floated to a specialty you’re not comfortable with. And if you are asked to float somewhere outside your skill set, your agency’s clinical department can help you navigate that situation so your license stays safe. That’s what they’re there for! Looking for travel nurse jobs in a location everyone else wants to go to? Scoring one of these sweet assignments can be a challenge, but there are ways to make it happen. Use these tips (and a Triage recruiter) and get yourself on the road.

We hope you enjoyed this article on landing a travel assignment in a desirable location. Do you have any tips to share with your fellow travelers? Comment them below.

Our job board is a great place to search for your next travel nurse assignment. We have you covered with our housing page if housing is an issue. You can search for what you are looking for.

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