Knowing the Nurse Within: Wellness Tips for Travel Nurses

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

January 18, 2018



Knowing the Nurse Within

The following is a Guest Post via Elizabeth

Nurse within

Hi there! My name’s Elizabeth Scala and I’m a Nurse Coach and Reiki Nurse. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to guest blog on the Gypsy Nurse site. I really enjoy writing… I find it healing, relaxing, and fun. I hope you enjoy my posts on well-being and healthy lifestyle and if you are looking for a certain topic- just let me know!

Candy gave me a bit of background on what it’s like to be a travel nurse. Now I’ve never been one, but I can share with you that I am quite shy, slow to ‘warm up’ to a group, and have been building self-confidence my entire life. That sort of personality, coupled with not having many close friends, makes for a greater risk of loneliness.

Through reading the posts on the Gypsy Nurse Blog, I’ve come to see some similarities between myself and y’all.

· Being a travel nurse can be lonely when you move to a new location (I’ve moved a bit and find it hard to make new friends)

· As a travel nurse certain personalities enhance our chances of homesickness (I shared my personality above and I am quite the home-body!)

· Boredom, loneliness, or disappointment can lead to increased chances of stress and job dissatisfaction (been there, done that!)

In my work, I approach our overall and total well-being through a sense of healthy balance. I believe it isn’t just physical, nutritional, or mental that goes into our feeling well and happy. Spiritual, emotional, environmental, career, educational, social, relational, etc. –all sorts of things play into our total well-being.

If we’re not feeling happy and healthy in our location, our career, or our current situation- then our health suffers.

Over the course of my posts here, I’ll share with you several ways we can enhance, uplift, and ultimately sustain our overall well-being. But first I want to touch on a fundamental piece: knowing, listening to, and being comfortable with ourselves.

Many times when we look to make lifestyle changes we check out what’s going on around us. What’s the latest research, fad, or trend with respect to nutrition? How have our friends lost weight? Where are the most up-and-coming places to exercise?

Don’t get me wrong; it’s really great to get support, guidance, and look for ways to be accountable. However, sometimes this is done to a fault.

We’re so busy looking externally for answers; we forget that the healing, happiness, and peace have been right within our reach. Health is within.

This is really awesome news for the travel nurse!

If you’re feeling lonely, getting homesick, or experiencing dissatisfaction with your current assignment- you have a phenomenal asset right at your fingertips. You!

What are several ways we can get to know ourselves- thus ultimately enhancing our health- a little bit more?

· Sit quietly. One sure-fire way to get to know and be able to hear your inner you is through tuning in and tuning out. There is a ton of ‘noise’ out there. We have such a high risk of getting distracted. When we are over inundated with information we run the risk of losing touch with ourselves. By sitting still, being quiet, and just observing we can come back to knowing ourselves in a much deeper way.

· Journal. I’ve committed to writing 3 pages of long-hand in my journal every day. It doesn’t have to be about anything or it can be about everything. I’ve found it has helped me to work through decisions, deal with struggles, and get answers that I can’t find anywhere else. When I write- I can hear my inner self so much more clearly!

· Observe nature. There is no more beautiful, humbling, and grounding way to get in touch with our inner self than going outside and just watching. Use all of your senses- smell the air, feel the breeze, hear the animals and vegetation. Being with nature taps us into our inner most wisdom.

· Enjoy yourself. Just have fun doing what YOU enjoy for a change! Make a list of all of the things you liked to do as a kid. What did your parents drag you away from? Find comfort in doing those things that make you smile!

If you’re interested in finding out more, come visit me at Sign up for my newsletter and receive my special gift, a 3-Part Video Series, “Here’s Time for Your Health”.

About The Author:

Elizabeth “Coach” Scala, MSN/MBA, RN is passionate about helping healthcare professionals, nurses in particular, to embody holistic living and embrace self-care. Through her business, Living Sublime Wellness, she writes regularly on the topic of self-care, conducts wellness workshops, and offers both in-person and online seminars for busy nurses.

Elizabeth is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Master’s degrees in both Business and Nursing. Originally from Carmel, NY, she now lives in Baltimore, MD with her husband and two dogs. Visit for more information.

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