Travel CNA: Interview Questions for a Travel CNA (Tips for CNAs)

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

August 23, 2020



Interview Questions for a Travel CNA

The following is a Guest Post via Michelle Lane

As part of my “Top 10 Most Important List”, I wanted to share my checklist of Interview questions for the Travel CNA and help you on your way to a successful Travel CNA contract.

Questions to ask during the interview

(You can use these answers to compare to what you were told by the recruiter, and then let them know what you were told by the interviewer). You would be surprised how information can be different. I know I wouldn’t be happy if I was told by my recruiter that I will be working five 8 hour shifts, with guaranteed 40 hours, only to find out when I get there that I will be working three 12 hour shift and a cancellation policy of up to 12 hours unpaid. It can add up over the course of a 13 week assignment.

Travel CNA – Contract Length

How many weeks is this contract for?

What will my expected duties be?

As a Travel CNA, your duties can vary greatly, unlike an RN that specializes in Labor Delivery, or any other area. It is good to know what will be required of you.

Travel CNA
Travel CNA

Schedule and Pay Rates

  • What is the hourly rate for a Travel CNA?
    • Will I be paid a differential? How much?
    • What is your Floating Policy?
      • This means whether or not you are required to, or will you be able to float to different areas of the facility. *This is a GREAT opportunity to get that much-desired acute care experience that can be very difficult for Travel CNA’s to get!
      • How many hours will I be guaranteed per week? this is very, very important. This will be the number of hours that you are guaranteed to be paid per week. You want to know not only the number of hours but also the shifts per week. Ask about the shift length, 8 hrs, 10 hrs, 12 hrs.
    • What is your overtime rate?
      • Am I eligible to work overtime? You will want to know if there is an availability to work overtime, and what you will be paid for those hours. (Some states pay overtime over 8 hours per day, some paid overtime after 40 hours per week).
    • Will I be required to work any holidays during my contract?
      • If so, which holidays, and what is the holiday rate?   *Some places pay time and a half, and some pay double time (You will mostly see a double-time rate on a government assignment.)
    • What will my days off be?
      • Ex: Every other weekend, Every third weekend, etc.
      • Will my days off be the same each week?
      • Requested Time Off:
        • What is your procedure for requesting time off? This is where you will ask for specific days off during your contract. This is very important if you are anticipating having family come in from out of town, or perhaps you know there is an event/concert and you really want to go. * These days off must be written into your contract.

Cancellation policy

  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • This could be how many shifts you can be canceled by the facility during the duration of your contract, or it could be how many hours they can cancel you per week.


What color uniforms are required? Some facilities require a specific color of scrubs for each department, so they can tell by sight where you work.

Charting System

  • What charting system do you use?
  • How much charting orientation will I receive? (If you are not familiar with this system ASK if you are going to be trained on it!!)


What will my orientation schedule be and how many hours or days? What is my pay for Orientation?


Will I be required to take any tests? If so, ask them what tests they are.


Is parking provided? If not, where do I park, and what is the fee?

I hope that my Top 10 List and Interview Questions are helpful, and encourages you to step out into the Gypsy world and share your skills and experience new places and adventures. You never know, maybe we will meet in person along the way!

About The Author:

Michelle is a Travel CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), having three years overall experience in health care. She recently found her vagabond gene and is a newly anointed Gypsy that loves to travel, meet new people and help others to live their dream of traveling as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

FAQs about Travel CNAs

How to become a travel CNA?

Becoming a travel CNA can be an exciting and rewarding career. To begin, you must have a valid nursing assistant certification in the state you plan to work in. Additionally, some employers may require additional training and/or certifications beyond basic CNA requirements. Once you have all the necessary qualifications, you can then look for open travel CNA positions or contact agencies that specialize in staffing these jobs.

What is a travel CNA?

A travel CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant who works in different healthcare facilities on a temporary basis. They are in great demand due to their ability to quickly and efficiently adjust to new work environments and learn new systems, while providing the same quality of care they would provide at any other facility. Travel CNAs can expect to receive higher pay than non-travel CNAs, as well as reimbursement for travel expenses, making it an attractive profession for those looking for a more flexible nursing career.

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