How Travel Nurse Attitude Can Influence Their Opportunities

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By Malone Healthcare

July 15, 2019



How Your Attitude Can Influence Your Opportunities as a Travel Nurse

This article provided by: Malone Healthcare

Attitude is everything

travel nurse attitude
Photo by Jonas Verstuyft on Unsplash

Succeeding in life — and a job search — is all about attitude. Sure, there are plenty of other contributing factors, but attitude sets the foundation for victory. And in the word of being a Traveling Nurse, attitude can be a really important part of succeeding in the job.

A job interview is the time to put your best self forward.

So, if you’re unable to present yourself in a positive manner, you won’t get very far. No matter how skilled a candidate is, employers don’t want to hire someone with a bad attitude. Here are a few reasons having a sunny disposition works in your favor.

Position Yourself as a Team Player

It’s hard to trust an employee with a perpetually negative attitude. If you appear pessimistic, the interviewer will have trouble envisioning you as a valued team member. On the flip side, displaying a positive mindset will allow you to be viewed as someone who will motivate, encourage and assist others without thinking twice.

Appear More Authentic

Employers want to hire a candidate who is genuinely excited about the job. Having a positive attitude sends the message this particular opportunity is something you really want. Displaying a negative stance on the position will cause the hiring manager to believe you’re just chasing a paycheck — which will have you promptly shown the door.

Display Charisma

No one wants to work with a perpetual downer. When you have a positive attitude, people want to be around you. If the hiring manager enjoys getting to know you during the interview, they’re much more likely to extend an offer, because people want to have colleagues who make work a pleasant experience.

Emphasize Your Strong Work Ethic

It’s hard for an interviewer to imagine a candidate with a negative outlook being an excellent worker. If you can’t muster an upbeat attitude, you’ll give the impression you’re not particularly interested in the job. This may make the hiring manager assume you’ll do the bare minimum to get by, because the work isn’t your passion.

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