How to Be Comfortable and Stylish in Your Scrubs.

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By TaleMed

February 28, 2020



How to Be Comfortable and Stylish in Your Scrubs

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Why shouldn’t healthcare professionals love their work clothes? For decades, nurses have had to deal with boxy, scratchy, ill-fitting scrubs.

Thankfully, new modern designs have become available – helping healthcare professionals look good and feel good in their scrubs. You don’t have to settle for ugly scrubs anymore.

How Scrubs Have Changed

Scrubs can still feel cumbersome, even today. But it used to be so much worse. Before modern nursing in the 19th century, nuns provided care, so the first uniforms were derived from the nuns’ habits.

Then, one of Florence Nightingale’s first nursing school students overhauled that late-1800s design to be a long dress with an apron and frilly cap. Nurse uniforms continued to evolve over the years:

  • The bulky aprons were redesigned as shorter skirts for better mobility in World War I.
  • Mass production in the 1950s emphasized shorter sleeves that could be more easily cleaned.
  • Open-neck shirts and pants became more commonplace in the 1960s.
  • Disposable paper caps replaced cotton ones in the 1970s.
  • Hats disappeared altogether by the end of the ’70s.

Scrubs became the norm in the 1990s for most HCPs in healthcare facilities around the world. But has the design changed at all in the last two decades?

Function Over Form

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“While some hospitals and medical institutions provide scrubs to employees, experts say the majority of medical professionals buy their own,” according to Hilary George-Parkin of Fashionista magazine. What they’re buying, however, isn’t always ideal.

Current scrubs come in various sizes, shapes and colors. “Scrubs, like nursing shoes, haven’t historically been renowned for their glamour: They’re functional and sturdy, but also often shapeless and standard-issue,” says George-Parkin.

Scrubs have also traditionally been made with materials that can cause skin irritation ― such as a poly/cotton blend. Stiff, scratchy materials are particularly problematic for HCPs, who may not be allowed to wear T-shirts underneath their scrubs.

Nurses have found workarounds, including soaking scrubs in hot water with fabric softener, bleach or white vinegar. Soft cotton camisoles also create a buffer between skin and scrubs. But do HCPs really need more hassle added to an already hectic lifestyle?

There are better options. FIGS is transforming the healthcare experience with their comfortable, durable and fashionable scrubs.

Partnering to Outfit Travel Healthcare Professionals

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TaleMed is the first travel healthcare company to partner with FIGS. TaleMed is providing scrubs to their repeat travel nurses. It’s part of the company’s celebration of the Year of the Nurse.

“You’re more confident and happier when you love the clothes you go to work in,” says Elizabeth Tracy, CEO of TaleMed. “This isn’t just the gift of scrubs. It’s the gift of a great day at work. That’s why TaleMed has partnered with FIGS to supply our travel HCPs with high-quality medical apparel.”

FIGS scrubs utilize antimicrobial, wrinkle-resistant and stain-repellent Technical Comfort™ fabrics paired with four-way stretch technology. They are slick, minimalist and designed like workout clothes. The shirts are shaped like T-shirts and designed to be tucked in. Pant legs are short, have jogger-style options and can be worn with no-show socks and low-profile sneakers.

“For us, partnering with FIGS made sense on all levels,” says Tracy. “They are passionate about healthcare professionals and recognizing them for the amazing people and heroes that they are.”

TaleMed will manage the logistics of ordering and fulfilling the FIGS for its nurses ― delivering them to healthcare professionals nationwide when they work with TaleMed. In addition, TaleMed employees will have a special offer to purchase FIGS directly at a discount.

Jenny Seyfried, VP of Brand for FIGS, is excited to outfit travel nurses and allied health professionals through the partnership with TaleMed. “Empowering nurses, therapists and technicians is what FIGS is all about and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to do this at hospitals all over the world with TaleMed,” says Seyfried.

Get more empowered!

FIGS and TaleMed want HCPs to look and feel good, empowering travelers to continue their successful journeys. For more information, visit

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