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By Furnished Finder

April 25, 2021



Travel Nurse Housing: What Happens if My Rental Doesn’t Work Out?

There are a ton of how-to guides on travel nurse housing. This travel nurse housing guide is one example of how you can find a place to live for your thirteen-week assignment that is affordable and safe.


However, even the best-laid plans can end up not working out. While your main concern may be that your travel contract itself gets canceled, there is always a chance that something may fall through with your rental. 

This could result from a multitude of things. Perhaps a family emergency arises, and the property owner decides to sell their rental. Or, something important breaks within the home, and repairs push back a move-in date. Regardless, most of the time, these sorts of situations will be well outside your control, so there is not much you can do but take a deep breath and reassess your options.

Start back at square one.

If you hear your current housing plan is not going to work out, perhaps the platform where you found your rental originally will have more options. Rentals that were previously unavailable may have had a tenant cancel, or new landlords may have listed properties. 

Post a housing request.

The Furnished Finder Travel Nurse Housing group is a great place to post a specific request for housing on short notice. This group has tens of thousands of travelers and landlords, so putting yourself out there gets you seen by tons of people who may have leads for wherever you are going. 

Reach out to your rental manager.

On occasion, nurse managers may have some leads on staff nurses who rent to travel nurses in the area. Many staff nurses have realized that renting to travelers on their unit can be a lucrative side hustle, so it’s worth asking your manager if they have any ideas of places to live. 

Consider adjusting your expectations.

If you aren’t having luck finding the private, furnished space you were dreaming of. You might consider branching out to other housing options. Many travel nurses have a great experience renting furnished rooms or renting an unfurnished space and leasing furniture separately. When housing falls through at the last minute, sometimes you have to get a little creative. 

Look for a short(er) term option.

Sometimes you will have much more success house hunting in person. If you are super short on time when it comes to finding new housing, it might be worth it to book a hotel for the first couple of weeks of your assignment and then take some time to look around the area for something more permanent. Or, you can find a property that is available a few weeks into your contract and make plans to stay in a hotel temporarily. Regardless, the Hotel Search Page on Furnished Finder’s website is a great place to look for reasonably priced hotels and score exclusive discounts offered only to Furnished Finder customers. 

Bottom Line: Don’t panic.

If I can promise you one thing, it is this: hundreds of travelers have gone through last-minute housing hiccups, and it always, always works out. Sometimes better than you planned in the beginning. No matter how small or how big the town you are traveling to may be, there will be something available that fits your needs!

We hope you found this article what to do if your rental doesn’t work out. If you would like to read more articles on housing click here.

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