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By The Gypsy Nurse

August 8, 2016



How are Hospitals Dealing with the Nursing Shortage?

In a recent article Nursing Workforce: Is there still a Shortage? We addressed the lack of research on the current state of the Nursing Shortage. In a follow-up, I wanted to bring to you some of the information that I’ve found regarding what some of the hospitals and colleges are currently doing in an effort to alleviate these shortages.

University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)

Has implemented a Nursing Summer Camp in an effort to get Nebraska teens interested in the nursing field. The UNMC Nursing Summer Camp began in 2013. It appears to be a successful program for inciting interest in nursing.

South Carolina

Columbia SC hospitals are offering sign-on bonuses and incentives, some as high as $10,000.


In Texas, the colleges and legislatures are focusing on non-traditional or what I would call the ‘second-career’ student. This encompasses students that are older and perhaps already working full-time. Texas Lawmakers seemed on board with the idea during a recent hearing, suggesting that a financial assistance program be put in place for these students.


CoxHealth in Springfield MO is combating the crises by hiring overseas. They plan to hire 100 nurses from the Philippines over the next year.


Indiana predicts a shortage of over 250K by the year 2025 with a huge lack of providers in geriatrics and mental health. The reporter states that Indiana University is working to address these shortfalls but it doesn’t state what measures they are putting into place.

Until the Nursing Shortages are addressed and corrected, there will continue to be a high demand for the Travel Nurse and medical professionals.

Finding contingent staff is a hurdle for the hospitals but for the Travel Medical Professional the Supply/demand is currently in our favor. If you are seeking your next travel position, check out the available jobs via, and if you are new to traveling read over our Step by Step plan to get started.

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