What Can Help COVID-19 Healthcare Workers Who Are Exhausted?


By Barney Whistance

June 5, 2020



What Can Help COVID-19 Frontliners Who Are Exhausted and Overwhelmed?

The COVID-19 virus has left every working body in shambles and disrupted the flow of life for everyone. People can’t sustain their livelihoods, get out of the house for work or get essentials, and nor do they have any outlets to handle this situation better. However, several medical teams and units are trying to ease the stress and improve the condition for people. But what we can’t forget is that at the end of the day, they are still working in these times of turmoil and are shorthanded.

Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are people who have to keep up with their busy lives under these difficult circumstances. Because they are the only ones qualified for the job and equipped with the knowledge, they are indispensable. They are working closely with governments and authorities to ensure the safety of every resident. And they are doing all this knowing that they are exposing themselves to the possibility of contracting this deadly health disease. Their contribution is heroic, but even they can’t deny the need to step back from this burden and take a sigh of relief.

Luckily for healthcare workers in Florida, they can seize the opportunity to get away from their stressful lives and go for a staycation. The Florida staycation ideas are nothing less than charming, and what’s even better is that you can avail discounts on the offer. Although Florida is a state that has plenty of life in it in the form of beaches and theme parks, unfortunately, most of it is inaccessible at this point. But you can still sign for this wonderful to escape the worries of a life struck by the pandemic.

That was just one of the many ways which you can adopt to get yourself a breather and release all that tension gathered up from working on the frontlines. There are several other options and activities that you can try to get back your presence of mind. These are a few of them that you can easily pick up and start practicing from today.

Focus on Mental Health

The most primary of your concerns should be mental health. Watching tragic incidents and deaths around you or being close to sick patients can wear you out. Instead of letting all this get your head and depress you, try to invest your energies in more positive things.

Taking up a hobby or a course can be too hectic or require some commitment, but some exercises can prove to be helpful with ease. They are great for your mind, they keep you healthy, and you can stay focused and active throughout the day if that’s how you start it.

Besides that, try to watch some positive things instead of listening to the news or dealing with work affairs. That will help relax and make you feel warm and content, even if it’s for a little while.

And above all, rest, and rest plenty. The effects of a good nap might be visible physically, but it heals your body and mind alike. Try to give this time to yourself without worrying about your surroundings and others.

Invest Yourself Elsewhere

If your work is the only thing that’s keeping you functional, it might be a great time to change that for all the healthcare workers dealing with COVID-19 on the front lines. Exercising and watching lively stuff aside, try to invest your energy in places that detach you from work.

Spending time with your family is one of the best ways of doing it. Try to bond with them while cooking, dancing, or taking on any side activities. If you have a hyperactive boy who loves video games, then you can team up with him and learn something new. Or a genius girl who likes to explore her potentials, try lending a hand with that.

You can also plan on some alone time with books or art. They are great distractions and very helpful in feeding your imagination new and exciting stuff. Plus, they can help you discover some new sides to your personality that you didn’t even know existed.

Stay Connected Through the Barriers

Even though we are limited to the boundaries of four residences, it doesn’t mean that we cut ourselves off from everyone. For those who are already active on social media, it isn’t a problem, but those who are not so good with digital connections need to adapt to these changes.

Try and keep in touch with your friends, colleagues, and extended family to have reality checks and keep a foot on the ground. Chats, online video sessions, or even a get-together on brunch over the internet can prove to be very helpful. It may not feel the same, but it’s the next best thing.

Remember that the biggest obstacle during quarantine is your isolation. It’s not only bringing our spirits but also tainting our souls. And the only way of overcoming it is to remember that we are not alone in this crisis. That will help us focus on the fact that it will pass eventually, and maintain a positive attitude.


These are some of the best ways to help any healthcare workers and medical units to recollect from the workload they face on the frontlines against COVID-19. Try to incorporate them into your daily life and do anything that will help make you feel positive and happy. Remember that you don’t have to save all of humanity, and there are people to cover for you. Value your well-being, so that you can stand up to take the place of another fellow worker tomorrow.

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