Healthy Kids: 7 Ways to Raise Healthy Kids

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By Lirika Hart

December 1, 2021



Full of Life: 7 Ways to Raise Healthy Kids

We all want the best for our kids. There are so many conflicting pieces of information on how you should raise your children, the best way to bring them up and discipline them, but in the end, so long as they are healthy, there isn’t much more you can ask for. It is important that we lay the foundations so that as they grow up, they will know how to look after themselves, both physically and mentally.

Respect Them

The first thing to remember is that you will want respect from your children; therefore, you should respect them. Respect is a thing that is earned, and if you don’t show that you respect them and their decisions, then it is unlikely that you will get it in return. Also, if they think that you don’t respect their decisions, it is more likely that they will feel like they can’t talk to you if one of them does go badly.

Show Affection

Everyone shows and receives love in a slightly different way. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are five different love languages; words of affirmation acts of service, quality time, gifts, and physical touch. It is important that you take the time to look into which of the five your child responds best to and use that to demonstrate your love for them on a regular basis.

Spend Time Together

With everything that we all have going on, it can be difficult to carve out some time specifically to spend with our loved ones. However, it is important that you make time so that you can spend time with your kids, as these are the moments that they are more likely to remember, and they will help you to build lasting relationships with them.

Give Them Their Vitamins

A healthy diet is essential for anyone, but especially a growing child. It is important to raise your kids with the information they need to make healthy eating choices, but sometimes they need an additional boost. This is where vitamins, such as magnesium gummies for kids, come in as they can be used to help your kids feel better and calmer, as well as having nutritional benefits to supplement their healthy diets.

Show Emotions

Children copy what their parents do. If you are someone who doesn’t like to show emotion, then it is likely that your children will be the same. Something that they will be watching you do from a young age is how you react to different things. If you don’t cry in front of them and then tell them to stop crying, it sends the message that crying is bad, so they are unlikely to do it again, especially in front of you. It is important that you make them see that all of their emotions are valid and that there is a way to handle them. Your anger, especially, is an emotion that they need to see you deal with. Otherwise, they may not understand it and will lash out at others.

Educate Them

With small children, especially, it is easy to give the reason “because I said so,” but this reasoning will only be effective for so long. By educating children on how to make the choices that you are making and the reasons behind why they should exercise or eat healthily, they are more likely to continue with this later on in life.

Encourage Activity

It is best to encourage your kids to take a break from their screens or be more active. A lot of this encouragement will come from doing the activity with them, so maybe go on a family bike ride or a trip to the park. This is because if you make the activities fun and get involved, they are more likely to enjoy themselves and copy your example.

Final Words

There are so many things to consider when raising kids, and it is vital that we teach them how to be healthy. A lot of what your kid learns stems from you leading by example, so it is important that you consider the traits that you are teaching your children.

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