Health: 8 Tips for Caring for Your Mental and Physical Health

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By Kevin Devoto

April 15, 2022



8 Tips for Caring for Your Mental and Physical Health When You Travel

Are you about to spend a lot of time on the road or in a hotel? You’re in good company; many more people are traveling these days, and much of that travel is work-related. Remote options, contract jobs, and other innovative opportunities abound. If you want to make the most out of these experiences, your mental and physical health must stay strong. Here are several self-care tips to follow when you’re away from home. 

1. Stay Rested

Getting the proper amount of restorative rest and sleep is vital if you want to stay energetic, alert, and calm. It isn’t easy if you’re dealing with changing time zones, work shifts, and the general wear and tear of travel. Stick to basics: Bring items that will help you maintain a nurturing sleep routine. Some of those items might include a special pillow, essential oils, a sleep mask, or earplugs. Be aware of the thermostat, too; do a search using terms such as optimal sleeping temperature to find useful information. 

2. Get Cozy

A big part of mental and emotional health is feeling safe and grounded. Do you have a special blanket that feels like home? Then bring it — or one that’s similar to it. Are your fuzzy slippers perfect for lounging around? Pack them. The same goes for other items that make you feel relaxed and cared for. 

3. Get Nourished

Keeping your blood sugar and energy stable is always crucial, but it’s especially important when you travel. Do some research to find out about the food available at your destination, and stock up with healthy treats and meals when you arrive. When you work, make sure to eat at regular intervals and hydrate. 

4. See the Sights

As soon as possible, after you arrive at your destination, go for a walk or run around the neighborhood. It’s a potent stress reliever and will help your body acclimate to your new environment and sunlight patterns. Even though it might be tempting, avoid holing up in your room for your entire stay (outside of work). Getting out for a few minutes or hours will do wonders for your energy and perspective. 

5. Stay In Touch

Sometimes, it’s great to get away from it all and turn the volume down on your text and phone interactions. That said, it’s good for your mental and emotional health to check in with supportive loved ones occasionally to give and receive a fun text or photo. Even if you’re abroad, apps like WhatsApp will help you stay in touch. Do you have a counselor who you count on? Do a check-in if you’re feeling stressed out. 

6. Pack Layers

Keep it simple and pack wrinkle-resistant, coordinated clothing that you won’t have to think much about. Include a few fashionable layers to prepare for unexpected weather changes. Also, leave a bit of room in your suitcase for great finds at your destination! 

7. Get Pampered

It’s always fun to get a blowout, massage, or mani-pedi, but it’s especially nice when you travel. If you have the time and a bit of extra money, consider taking a few hours away to receive some quality pampering. 

8. Prepare for the Unexpected

With travel comes new sights, sounds, and experiences. Sometimes, these experiences are unexpected ones. To boost your safety and peace of mind, have a point person who always knows your location. Check out a few online resources that focus on travel safety, so you can plan ahead. 

Caring for your mental and physical health when you travel requires self-awareness, careful planning, and the willingness to be flexible. Try these tips to enhance your trip. 

We hope you found these eight tips for caring for your mental and physical health while traveling helpful. Do you have any tips to add? Comment them below.

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