Embarking on a Health Journey of two Graduate Nurses

By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

June 12, 2013



Embarking on a Health Journey: The unconventional thinking of two Graduate Nurses

The following is the first in a series of posts documenting the path of two Graduate nurses embarking on an unconventional Health Journey.

Maggie and ChelseaI met Maggie and Chelsea at a Gypsy Nurse Meet & Greet in Knoxville back at the beginning of May. Maggie and Chelsea were at that point, nearly Graduate Nurses, with only a few short days left of finals and Graduation.  I’m still uncertain why they chose to attend the Travel Nurse Meet & Greet but I am thrilled to have met them and been invited along on their upcoming Health journey.

As travel nurses, I think we all understand the stigma’s against living life differently.  Families often don’t understand our desires and friends oftentimes become distant.  Co-workers believe many different thoughts about why we do what we do for a living.  Ultimately, we do it because it’s ‘right’ for us.  Not that it’s right for everyone….but it is for us.  I immediately felt a kinship with Maggie and Chelsea….their’s is the attitude that will someday make not only an excellent nurse but an inspiration for anyone looking to take a leap from the normal.

I’ve asked Maggie and Chelsea to share with the Gypsy Nurse, their journey.  They agreed to provide a series of articles to allow us to follow along on their unconventional journey of learning, exploration and travel.

Maggie and Chelsea share below the birth of this unique adventure:

“There was a distinct point in our educational experiences where we felt a lack of inspiration and drive because we did not fit into the nursing mold most commonly presented in our healthcare and educational systems.”

That is not to say we did not see the value in the system we were heavily immersed in, but we had a deep confidence that health and life is much too multifaceted to fit into one mold. Our journey began when we passionately dedicated our daily experiences to creating a new mold, rather than being discouraged by our lack of fit. We would spend hours discussing how wonderful it would be to work on a community level that is involved, personal, and centered around patient perception. All of these ideas were merely concepts at the time that gave us comfort for our lack of confidence in personal care being achievable in a hospital setting. Then suddenly we realized we could make these ideas a reality but that it had to be carried out in an unconventional way.

“We found a passion for midwifery and traveling. It seemed unlikely to connect the two, but one thing we are sure of is the timeless lesson, if there is a will there is a way.”

So we began our journey with our desires; desires to explore our health, the system it does and does not fit into, and the United States. We will embark on our Health Journey in July making our way across the United States visiting birthing centers and other facilities that practice alternative therapies. It has been beautiful how many small details have fallen into place once our intention was clear to us. Our interaction with The Gypsy Nurse was a divine signal of support and has given us great comfort in knowing like spirits who are transforming the image of nursing.

While there is not one way to practice health, there is one intention; healing. Each of our journeys is essential to the main goal. We hope to bridge different approaches through communication and example. We thought graduating was a finish line, but we now know it is a portal. Thus we will set out on this Health Journey with new eyes, open hearts, and pure curiosity for what the world has to offer.

– Maggie and Chelsea


The readers of The Gypsy Nurse hold many unique connections throughout the US.  I would ask all of you to think about the contacts that you know that might be able to assist Maggie and Chelsea in their journey and share them.  If you have a lead or information on facilities, contact names, or any other information or advice that you feel would assist in promoting Maggie and Chelsea’s journey, please contact me at admin@thegypsynurse.com and I’ll forward the information to them.

In the meantime, please provide your thoughts and words of encouragement in the comments below.


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