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By Allison Staley

November 9, 2020



Innovative Ways for Health Care Workers To Nurture Themselves

Health care workers work tirelessly to care for others in the community. But did your role as a health care worker involve intense emotional feelings? That is why it’s good to keep your emotional health in check. Also, track your emotions/feelings and their impact on your efficiency and performance. In most cases, you’ll feel fatigued, and some time off, your job will always come in handy. But, there are several other ways to nurture yourself and boost your working morale.

Here are top care tips for yourself as a health worker.

Prioritize you needs

It’s easy to get immersed in caring for others and forget about yourself altogether. But, it’s advisable to think about your needs and care for yourself as well. Prioritizing your needs may seem selfish, but it’s necessary. Besides, you have to stay in perfect health to care for those who depend on you.

Have limits!

Caring for others is rewarding yet frustrating. It can significantly impact your physical and emotional health, making it imperative to set boundaries. Remember, you can’t handle everything. Know your limits and respect that. For instance, if you feel fatigued, pushing on with your task will leave you more tired and less effective. Why not take some days off?

Taking time off work will replenish your energy, allow you to spend time with family and loved ones.

Eat sensibly

Food supplies your body with the right nutrient necessary for the key bodily processes and tissue repair. It also strengthens your immune system, which helps in fighting infections. Do not forget, as a health care worker, you’re highly predisposed to pathogens. To achieve all these, eat a balanced diet comprising proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fats. Lastly, drink enough water and avoid junk and sugary foods; it’s the best way to keep your immune level high.

Spend time with loved ones

Making memories with family members is an excellent way to unwind. Some of the things to try out are; having dinner together, planning weekly family days, and attending family meetings. Moreover, do daily chores like cleaning, gardening, and cooking together.

Lastly, have candid discussions with your family members. For example, listen to their stories, take photos, and create an autobiography template to act as memories of your youthful days later in life.

Stay active

Exercises are associated with numerous health gains. It improves your mental functions, alleviates stress, helps in weight management and strengthens your heart, not to forget body immune. Exercise daily and engage in other activities that encourage you to stay active. Even if you lack time to go to the gym, simple activities like rope skipping and walking go a long way. 

 Get some rest

Sleep is an integral aspect of your health and wellbeing. When you sleep well, you wake you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Sleep helps combat stress and anxiety; when you have a good night’s sleep, you feel better about yourself, which intensifies your efficiency at work. Set a sleep routine, and avoid distractions as you sleep. If you have issues getting adequate sleep, try something relaxing like reading a book or listening to soft music.

Seek support

Most health care workers are reluctant to seek help. For some, asking for help makes them look weak, vulnerable, and incompetent. But this is far from the truth. We all need support, and this doesn’t have to come from people. It can be in the form of activities, resources, and experiences. Getting support from others is also vital, and it’s advisable to talk to a professional about your fears and concerns. Moreover, join a support group of other health workers.

The bottom line

Note, caring for yourself as a healthcare worker regenerates your health and wellbeing. It enables you to focus more on your work, and this boosts efficiency. If you feel overwhelmed by your role as a care provider, never hesitate to seek help. A support system will replenish your energy levels, enabling you to offer better services.

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