The Gypsy Nurse Job Board is Leading the Way for Travel Nurse Jobs!

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

April 1, 2017



The Gypsy Nurse Job Board is Leading the Way for Travel Nurse Jobs!

Hey Gypsies!  If you’ve not tried it yet, and you’re looking for your next (or your first!) travel nurse assignment, please check out the new Gypsy Nurse Job Board on  The Gypsy Nurse Job Board now has over 180,000 top-paying travel nursing jobs from some of the most well-known names in travel nurse staffing including Travel Nurse Across America, Cross Country TravCorps, and Trustaff.  See why thousands of travel nurses every month visit The Gypsy Nurse Job Board to find their dream jobs.

Unlike some other nursing-related websites, we treat travel nurse job opportunities VERY differently:

– The Gypsy Nurse NEVER sells your private application information or profile to anyone, EVER! Your application stays PRIVATE!

– The ONLY staffing agency you hear from is the one YOU applied to – no unwanted phone calls or contacts from firms you did not apply with through The Gypsy Nurse – EVER!

– Easy application – apply to multiple jobs from a variety of top agencies through the Gypsy Nurse with ONE CLICK!  No more tedious, multiple applications and repeating the same information over and over.  We know you have limited time as a busy nurse so we make it EASY!

– Thousands of excellent opportunities from top agencies all around the country – NOT just a few from and handful of firms! We give you CHOICES!

– A mobile-friendly, easy-to-use job board that travel nurses can use from the convenience of their phone or tablet – travel nurses ARE NOT limited to accessing via laptop!

The Gypsy Nurse has always been about YOU – the Travel Nurse.  Our team has put a lot of hard work in over the past few months to deliver a job board to our community, and we’re thrilled with the very positive feedback we have received from The Gypsy Nurse community, and the fact that we have helped thousands of Gypsies in seeking their next assignment.

So, if you’ve not checked out The Gypsy Nurse Job Board yet, we have to ask…what are you waiting for!?  Check it out and see what The Gypsy Nurse can do for your travel nursing career today!

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