Great Travel Nurse Recruiters: Tips to Help Travel Nurses

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By Host Healthcare

May 19, 2021



Finding the Best Travel Nurse Recruiter

This article was provided by Host Healthcare.

Travel nurse recruiters are the backbone of any staffing agency. As a travel nurse, finding the right travel nurse recruiters can make a world of difference in your career. Rather than dedicating your time to job hunting, you can use your free time to enjoy the location of your current assignment between shifts. Finding a trusted recruiter that will take the initiative in finding the best-fit assignment for you will leave you feeling at ease in focusing on fine-tuning your craft.

Tips for finding great travel nurse recruiters:

Here, we have compiled a list of tips for finding the right travel nurse recruiters for you. Look out for these qualities and ask the right questions. You will be sure to establish a relationship with your recruiter to advance your career as a travel healthcare professional.

great travel nurse recruiter

Look for These Necessary Qualities in Your Travel Nurse Recruiters

Finding the recruiter that’s right for you takes having a conversation. While some agencies, such as Host Healthcare, pride themselves on matching clients with top-tier recruiters, you still need to be sure that they have the necessary qualities that you find value in this partnership. Some qualities to keep in mind that might be beneficial to you include:

  • Responsiveness- This is the number one most desired trait in a recruiter. If your recruiter is stretched too thin, they can’t dedicate themselves to finding an assignment perfectly catered to your needs. To test if they have the necessary bandwidth, ask them a question over email, and make sure they respond within 48 hours.
  • Friendliness- A great travel nurse recruiter is someone with who you feel comfortable, and there is trust between the two of you. Having a friendly recruiter is a great thing to look out for because you will be spending a lot of time with each other.
  • Experience- If you partner with a staffing agency, this will likely be a given. Agencies such as Host Healthcare have top-tier recruiters in their pipeline vetted and gone through a screening process and training procedures. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential recruiter hard-hitting questions.
  • Knowledge- You should be able to confide in your recruiters for any advice regarding travel healthcare. They should know everything about the position and the industry to answer your questions.
  • No-Pressure- The right recruiters will not use pressure tactics to get you to sign or move forward with a contract. Recruiters can have this reputation, so finding a staffing agency like Host Healthcare ensures no-pressure tactics can save you the awkward feeling of being pressured into an unfit assignment.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking all of the right questions will lead you to the perfect match. No question should ever be dismissed, and all questions should be answered confidently if you have the right recruiter on your hands. Although you should feel free to ask any question, here are a few questions you should probably address:

  • “When are you available?” – Alignment of schedules is obviously critical in a traveler-recruiter relationship. Make sure you can align on specific days and times where you can meet.
  • “What is your submission to interview ratio?” – A submission to interview ratio refers to the number of assignments a recruiter applies for versus the number of interviews their clients actually book. Look for a recruiter with a high submission to interview ratio.
  • “What insurance benefits will I get?” – Staying protected in the event of illness or injury need to be at the forefront of your mind when considering a new assignment. Ask your recruiter about the coverage secured for an assignment before agreeing to it.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you ever receive push-back or the recruiter is reluctant to answer your questions, it might be time to look for another recruiter.

Establish Trust with Your Recruiter

Trust is probably the most important thing to strive for in this relationship. They should be looking out for you every step of the way. You should be confident that your recruiter is advocating for you in every sense of the matter. Trust looks like this:

  • Securing Maximum Pay– For every assignment, your recruiter should be working on getting you the best pay grade possible. You should trust that they are working hard to secure you in the best position possible.
  • Considering Your Wants and Needs– Your recruiter should always be asking you what your wants and needs are. With every assignment, they will take those wants and needs and relay them to the potential employer. Also, if you have particular locations in mind for where you want your next assignment to be, they should advocate for that.
  • Keeping a Constant Flow of Communication- Communication is at the heart of creating a trusting relationship. Your Recruiters should always be available to chat and address any questions you may have.
  • No-Pressure- As mentioned above, if a recruiter ever pressures you into signing or moving forward with an assignment, this is a red flag. Trust is built through mutual respect and understanding. Use a staffing agency like Host Healthcare that prides itself on no-pressure tactics.

With these tips to finding the best travel nurse recruiters, you will find a relationship that serves your career and enhances your daily life. Go into your search with these things on your mind, and you’re bound to find trusting, nurturing, and experienced recruiters to stand by your side!

Have you found great travel nurse recruiters during your career? Do you have tips to help other travel nurses find great travel nurse recruiters? Comment them below.

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