Good Night's Sleep: 8 Secrets When Feeling Fatigued


By Lirika Hart

March 17, 2022



8 Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep When Feeling Fatigued

Without any doubt, sleep has a direct influence on your mental state and physical health. If you fail to get proper sleep, it will make you emotionally imbalanced, lower your daytime energy, reduce productivity, and drastically affect your overall health. Your brain, heart health, mood, creativity, vitality, and immune system can undergo adverse effects due to a poor routine.

Despite understanding the importance of sleep, many people toss and turn all night. Actually, getting a good night’s sleep becomes impossible when you are tired, have unhealthy daytime habits, or if you accidentally awake at 3 a.m. Do you also struggle for a sound and peaceful sleep? Trust me; you can get better control over your sleep quality than you probably realize.

Experiment with the given tips to enjoy better sleep at night, improve your thinking style, and significantly boost your health. These sleep strategies will help you stay energetic all day!

1: Keep Your Room Comfortable

Keep your bedroom comfortable! Please do not keep your television there as it can be a big distraction to your sleep. When you are in bed, put an ultimate effort to avoid responding to phones and emails. The bed needs to be a motivation for sleeping, not for wakefulness.

Furthermore, your room ambiance also affects sleep quality; ensure that you keep it as comfortable and soothing as possible. Ideally, you can go with a quiet, dark, calm environment; these features promote sleep onset.

2: Consider Exercise An Important Part Of Your Routine

Going for a walk will not just cut your weight down; it will also support you for a good sleep at night. Regular exercise activates the hormones that help in natural sleep, such as melatonin. Exercising close to bedtime can be more effective and hormone-stimulating. However, morning exercises that expose you to shining daylight can improve your natural circadian rhythm.

So, workout helps you in every way!

3: Follow Sleep Rituals

Bedtime rituals that you used to follow in your childhood can contribute to adulthood and late age.

Our mother used to tuck us in a bed and read a story for us; this pacifying ritual helped us quickly fall asleep. This sleep ritual signals the mind and body that it is sleep time. So, continue these rituals and read a book, drink a warm glass of water, take a bath, and listen to calming music to welcome a peaceful sleep time.

4: Eat—But Not Too Much

An empty stomach is distracting enough and keeps you awake, and the same is the case with an overly full belly. Do not eat a heavy meal before two to three hours of bedtime. If you feel hungry, eat small healthy snacks to satisfy yourself till breakfast.

5: Avoid Alcohol And Caffeine

It is okay to have snacks before bed but do not make wine and chocolate the part of them. Chocolate and alcohol act as stimulants, make you less sleepy and disrupt sleep during the night.

6: Buy Some Sleep Supporting Products

Another secret to peaceful sleep is using CBD capsules, drops, or products for better and faster sleep. If you’re wondering where to get these kinds of items, then try researching online CBD stores. There are many sleep supplements, goods that offer tinctures, pain relief, and vapes that are manufactured with natural ingredients to make it possible for you to sleep longer and better. These sleep-tight solutions also help you in several other ways, such as maintaining your beauty, skin repairing, workout recovery, and multiple other ways.

7: Don’t Overthink Or Stress

The bills, your to-do list, and other daytime worries can bubble up in your mind at night. Wind down yourself before bed because such thoughts can give stress and anxiety. Stress is a stimulus that boosts up fight-or-flight hormones that act as a sleep barrier.

Learning relaxation activities can promote good sleep and reduce daytime anxiety. You can practice deep breathing exercises to calm and relax promptly.

8: Get Your Check-ups

Snoring, an urge to move your leg moving, a burning pain in your chest, stomach, or throat are sleep disruptors. If these symptoms prolong—make you sleepy during the day or keep you up at night, visit your doctor for a check-up.

Our Summary

A night with a tight sleep can give you a happy and blissful morning, but we all know that falling asleep earlier and longer is not something easy.

Well, instead of getting worried or using sleep pills, you can try the above eight secrets to get a better night’s sleep.

We hope you found this article on 8 secrets to a good night’s sleep when feeling fatigued helpful. Have you found ways to get a good night’s sleep as a travel nurse? Comment them below.

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