5 Holiday Gifts for Travel Nurses this Holiday Season

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By Gifted Healthcare

December 1, 2020



5 Holiday Gifts Travel Nurses Will Love in 2020

This article was provided by Gifted Healthcare.

The holiday season is almost here, and it’s fair to say that 2020 was a year that travel nurses, the healthcare community, and the world will never forget. The healthcare industry has also changed quite a bit since January.

As we all prepare to gift shop for the RNs in our lives, some of this year’s top gifts for travel nurses will reflect the unprecedented changes that occurred during the Year of the Nurse. But there are also a number of items for nurses that will always be helpful, no matter what. 

We’ve created a list of holiday gifts that travel nurses will love this year to help you choose the perfect gift for your RN friend or family member. Read on to learn how to make a healthcare hero smile this holiday season!

Personal N95 Respirator Mask

COVID-19 has changed the travel nursing landscape, making personal protective equipment (PPE) a must. The CDC recommends that nurses wear N95 respirators, and disposable N95 masks are available at hospitals across the country. However, disposable N95 masks can be uncomfortable, causing bruising, irritation, and foggy glasses. 

That’s why it’s worth considering getting your travel nursing friend or loved one their own personal, reusable N95 respirator mask. Check out the Envo Mask N95 Respirator Kit, which is designed for comfort and fit.

Make sure the RN in your life is safe and comfortable while they’re doing their heroic work!


Most travel nurses wear scrubs, a sanitary outfit worn by healthcare professionals involved in patient care. Underscrubs are the items of clothing RNs wear underneath, providing them with extra comfort and relief from excessive perspiration or cold weather.

Many companies are now creating lines of underscrubs made of high-performance fabrics, meant to provide male and female nurses with supreme comfort and an extra element of fashion while still maintaining their full range of motion and physicality.

For premium underscrubs, check out FIGS, Jaanuu, MEDICLO, or Amazon.

Insulated Tumbler

Whether they drink coffee, tea, juice, or water, travel RNs need a simple way to bring their drinks with them. 

The YETI Rambler is a top choice for an insulated tumbler, but Amazon offers a large variety of great options. Hot or cold, caffeinated or decaf — no matter what your favorite travel RN likes to drink, an insulated tumbler will preserve it and let them take it anywhere.

PhoneSoap Phone Sanitizer

It’s easy to forget that most of our mobile phones are crawling with bacteria. We may wash our hands many times a day, but most people rarely wash their phones.

With new sanitation guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure the travel nurse in your life covering all their bases with PhoneSoap, a phone-sanitizing device that uses UV light to kill bacteria while keeping electronic components unharmed.

According to PhoneSoap, its device can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria in 10 minutes! Not to mention it features a simple design that can function like a sleek, understated accessory.

Luxury Backpack

By definition, travel nurses are on the go. Why not get them a gift that will let them travel in style?

Backpacks are extremely versatile pieces of luggage. They’re perfect for daily trips to and from work, with enough space to pack scrubs, lunch, a laptop, and more.

Companies like Dagne Dover, Vessel, Everlane, Bellroy, and many others offer luxury backpacks that are modern, functional and luxurious but not flashy, making them perfect for everyday use.

We hope this list of gifts for travel nurses help you shop for the heroic RN in your life this holiday season!

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