GHR Facebook Live: COVID-19 Q&A and Tips for Travel Nurses

By GHR Travel Nursing

May 13, 2020



GHR Facebook Live: COVID-19 Q&A

General Healthcare Resources (GHR)‘s team went Live on The Gypsy Nurse’s Facebook fan page to answer some of the hottest COVID-19 questions. Below are some COVID-19 topics that were discussed:

– Why it’s important to be flexible

– Are you seeing any increase in OR positions as we prepare to start elective surgeries again?

– How can you make yourself stand out ?

– Why you should be preparing for your next assignment and how to do so

– If a nurse was considering travel would you say it is best to stay at the full-time job and wait until the market is better? Check out the original video here: The Gypsy Nurse Fan page.

About GHR

There’s no single reason why a person becomes a Travel Nurse. Some do it to see the country. Some for the money. Some to gain experience in a variety of settings. Whatever your reason, welcome to GHR Travel Nursing. Our job is to make your travel experience a great one. Whether it’s your first time on a travel assignment or your hundred-and-first, we do all we can to make sure your next assignment is your best assignment. As a GHR Travel Nurse, we are committed to giving you the chance to experience life, while saving lives.

Let the adventure begin! Travel Nursing Experts At GHR Travel Nursing, we make you a promise: No more application black holes, no more hours spent on job boards and career sites, no more waiting for days to hear back about an assignment. You will always hear back from us, we will work to search out the perfect job and we will always keep you in the loop. We combine decades of travel nursing experience with a relentless commitment to do it better. It’s time for nurses to demand more from a travel nursing company. We certainly expect more from ourselves.

We run our company based on four simple life rules:

  • We want to solve problems, not create them. There are enough problems as is.
  • We will always be honest; promising only what we can deliver, and delivering what we promise. Always.
  • We will be transparent, upfront, and shoot straight. Everyone should.
  • We want to make a positive impact. On you, and through you, the patients you serve. The bottom line, we want to give you a travel experience that is enjoyable, satisfying and an adventure to remember. For all the right reasons.

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