Frequently Asked Friday: Tips for Surviving Nurse Burnout

By Amber Pickler

December 6, 2019



Frequently Asked Friday: Tips for Surviving Nurse Burnout

Nurse burnout is on the rise.  According to a national nursing engagement survey released in April 2019, 15.6% of nurses reported feelings of burnout. Emergency room nurses were identified at being at a higher risk for burnout and 20% of ER nurses reported feeling unengaged. Interestingly, 50% of nurses who reported feeling burnout in their current position also reported no immediate plans to leave their organization. Another 41% of nurses reported as being “unengaged”. 

So, with the number going up, many of the members of our Facebook group have reached out and asked for tips on handling or surviving nurse burnout.  We have taken some of the top tips and put them into this article to help you with nurse burnout. 

Switch Specialties or Floors

surviving nurse burnout

If you are getting burned out, you may want to consider changing your specialty or the floor you are on.   You may even want to try something other than bedside or floor nursing.   It may be that you need a change in “scenery”. 

Take a Break

surviving nurse burnout

 We all need breaks at some point.   It doesn’t have to be a vacation; you could just take some time off between your travel nurse assignments.   You could take the opportunity to go back home and visit family and friends. This option does require to have some money saved up, but if you are able to take a short break, or however long you can afford, it may be just what you need.

Find a Hobby or Do Something for Yourself

surviving nurse burnout

Try to occupy your off time with things you enjoy doing.  You need to make sure you take time for yourself doing something you enjoy.  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive; it just needs to be something you enjoy doing.  Selfcare can be something you do for yourself.  Go get a massage or a pedicure if that is something you are into.   As our member said, if you are feeling burned out don’t pick up extra shift, money isn’t worth making the situation worse. 

There are many other options to help survive nurse burnout, not every option will work for every person, but if you are feeling burned out, we hope this list at least gives you a start.  If you would like more information on surviving nurse burnout or self-care these articles have great information and tips.

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