Navigating the Job Market: Tips from Experienced Travel Nurses

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By TNAA- Travel Nurse Across America

March 20, 2023



Insights From Experienced Travel Nurses on Navigating Today’s Job Market

TNAA Healthcare provided this article.

Travel nursing is constantly evolving. With several factors affecting the industry, travel nurses must be adaptable, organized, and constantly communicating with their recruiter to get the jobs they want. As you look for your next assignment, hear from experienced travel nurses who share their best advice for navigating the current job market.

Advice From Experienced Travel Nurses

experienced travel nurses

Leah R.

“Definitely make sure your file is completely done. Jobs are still filling fast, so once they post, it’s important that your recruiter is able to submit you right away. Also, have that conversation with your recruiter on what parameters you have for being submitted so they can get you in ASAP instead of waiting for you to get back to them and risking the job filling in the meantime.”

Dylan L.

“I would say definitely be open and flexible to different types of units other than what you would usually work in. If you qualify for the job and it’s in a location or hospital that you’re interested in, go for it. Some of my favorite contracts ever were in units that I wouldn’t have picked for myself, but my recruiters found because they were in hospitals that I had my eyes on!”

Ally F.

“Be flexible. Prioritize your needs, whether that’s money, location, shift, etc. Start looking early, and be patient. Most importantly, don’t be discouraged. The jobs ebb and flow. It’ll work out.”

Melissa L.

“I was actually asked to step in as the interim clinical educator at my current assignment. And I will do an extension like this as well because of the job market.”

Angie N.

“Flexibility is a must. Also, right now, hospitals are looking at who can work and not make many demands. If you have to have a set schedule for a variety of necessary reasons, that’s ok. But if a set schedule is just because you only want to work ‘XYZ,’ then some managers are not calling – or if extensive time off requests are added to the contract. There are 40-120 nurses applying for the same position through many companies, and most managers I have talked to are looking for the ones who can be there when needed. Having said that, take the time off and set your schedule. We have earned it!!! Just be aware and be flexible because it may take you a little longer to get the jobs. Don’t give up!!

experienced travel nurses

“Make sure when you accept the job to get everything done quickly and efficiently so your file can be cleared by the hospital and you can start when you are supposed to. I have been doing this for 10+ years and have yet not to find a job!”

By staying in communication, being open to different types of assignments and locations, and adapting to changes, travel nurses can stay competitive in the industry and enjoy a fulfilling career.

We hope you found these tips from experienced travel nurses for navigating today’s job market helpful.

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