Dream Location or Close to Home. How Do You Decide?

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By Titan Medical

February 12, 2018



Dream Destination or Close to Home. How Do You Decide?

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Being a travel nurse can be an exciting and rewarding yet sometimes overwhelming experience. With each new assignment, travelers have complete control of their next destination. Sure, your staffing agency may have a specific hospital or clinic looking for help, but your destination city or state is up to you!

While proving helpful for travelers trying to stay in a specific area because of family or other circumstances, being a traveler is also a straightforward and effective way to find new dream destinations.  Opportunities are endless for those who want to keep moving.  While each traveler’s destination and preferences will differ, each traveler also faces similar choices when making a decision.

Do I choose a close-to-home location or choose your dream location?

Of course, the proposed job offer has to be an appealing one. Oftentimes, being away from home can be a difficult task. Traveling to a job that leaves you unhappy and dissatisfied isn’t going to make the home separation any easier. Make sure that the hospital or clinic of your choice is one that you can be successful at.

If the circumstances at home aren’t exactly return-worthy, finding a placement that makes you happy can create a sense of home for you. Happiness and success are key! Making your dream location a great option.

Even though the atmosphere of your destination job is essential, so are the pay and benefits. It’s important to show your worth and take jobs that reflect it. Traveling to Hawaii, for example, because you’ve always wanted to go there is an exciting experience, but keep in mind the cost of living there is exorbitantly high. When the ends justify the means, it’s easy to continue traveling and find jobs that reflect your worth.

Another important factor of traveling is finding both popular tourist destinations and hidden hometown treasures. Of course, you went to Sea World in San Diego, but did you try Machete Beer House while you were there? You might visit Music Row in Nashville, but wouldn’t you like to see the wildlife in Radnor Park? More times than not, the destination’s hidden gems are more exciting than their well-known tourist attractions. Find them!

The healthcare profession is obviously rain or shine; but, do you prefer it sunny and hot or a little chilly? The weather in any destination affects your stay, and sometimes your mood as well! Visiting Texas in the summer will be HOT, while visiting North Dakota will be absolutely frigid in the winter.  Whether a place has mountains or beaches with sand, be prepared for what you’re traveling to!

Of course, the most important deciding factor is your family and your friends. So many travelers want to stay close to home to see their grandkids or be close to their parents; it’s a tough decision to decide between visiting a new exotic place or staying in your hometown for the time being. The nice part is, being a traveler provides you with the opportunity to go somewhere new whenever it fits into your lifestyle!

While these factors are important to consider, they rank differently in each traveler’s decision-making process. The ultimate goal is to be happy and successful! So, dream location or staying close to home?


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