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By Tailored Healthcare Staffing- THS

April 9, 2021



How Digital Is Changing the World of Travel Nursing Today

This article was provided by Tailored Healthcare Staffing.

We live in a world where technology is a part of almost everything, from refrigerators that can tell us which groceries we need to cars that drive themselves. It’s also a vital part of healthcare when it comes to creating better patient outcomes and making work lives simpler, including the world of travel nursing.

A savvy registered nurse who is looking to travel or is already on the road shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the many helpful apps that are available. Digital has the ability to positively impact any travel nurse, both personally and professionally, from finding that ideal assignment to discovering local food hotspots in a new city.

Digitally Book an Assignment

There are countless apps for booking hotels, vacation rentals, airfare, and just about anything else travel-related, including travel nursing jobs. One of the best new digital apps available today is called On Demand and is exclusively available from Tailored Healthcare Staffing, a Gypsy Nurse Best Overall Travel Nurse Staffing Agency. This app allows you to book an assignment, with or without a recruiter, all in the palm of your hand. By simplifying the job search and application process, you can apply for travel nurse jobs available across the country and get real-time updates on your progress.

Apps For Your Road Trip            

When it’s time to hit the road, there are lots of helpful apps to get you to that next travel nurse job. Waze is a favorite as the largest community-based traffic and navigation app. It provides real-time traffic information so that you can avoid gridlock and even police radar traps. You can use it to find the cheapest gas on your route and even remember where you parked when stopping at the mall for some new scrubs or anything else. RoadTrippers is fantastic for trip planning if you want to take your time checking out some of the sights along the way. It provides multiple options for routing your travel between destinations from obscure stopovers to scenic byways and national parks.

Travel Inspiration

Not sure where you want to go for that next assignment? With so many enticing destinations to choose from when it comes to registered nurse jobs, including travel nursing jobs, it can be overwhelming. Digital can provide the travel inspiration you need to make the best decision. According to MMGY Global’s 2019–2020 Portrait of American Travelers® study, nearly half of Instagram users are using the app to find new travel destinations. This platform offers so many ways to search and save both locations and images; you could easily plan your next travel nurse assignment from this app alone. When viewing photos or videos, tap the location tag to pinpoint exactly where the image was taken and search for others in the same area.

Scope Out the Best Restaurants

Whether you’re traveling to your travel nursing job or you’re already on that assignment, you’ll want to know where the best places to eat are. TripAdvisor provides reliable reviews on restaurants (and other travel-related businesses like hotels or even wine tasting venues) worldwide. It also has a forum feature that will allow you to ask questions for the community, providing a great way to get some insider tips.  

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, use HappyCow to find restaurants that will meet your requirements.

Stay Connected with Travel Nurse Friends

As a travel nurse working with so many different people in various cities, you probably find yourself with friends in numerous states. Please take advantage of digital, including social media platforms like Facebook, to stay connected to them, exchanging advice while keeping apprised on the latest in nursing news, what’s going on at the hospital you worked at together, and more. It might even bring the opportunity to work with some of your favorite RNs again on future travel nursing jobs.

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