Day Off: 7 Ideas To Make Your Day Off Fun As Travel Nurse


By Grace Hawkins

September 29, 2021



7 Ideas To Make Your Day Off Fun As Travel Nurse

Hectic life and little rest might predispose you to long-term health issues, ranging from physical symptoms to mental health disorders. If you’re a travel nurse who works for almost the entire day, it’s essential to work on self-care. Therefore, on your day-offs, you must make the most through adequate self-care and rejuvenation.

Try to follow a calm and relaxing routine that helps uplift your mood. That way, you can recharge your body and come back better on the assignment days. If you do not know where to start, here are seven ideas to make your day off fun and to relax.

1.  Plan A Small Trip 

Almost every travel nurse has to keep moving from one corner of the city to another due to emergencies. It can leave you all-drained and induce mental burnouts up to a great extent. You can keep the mental issues at bay with frequent travel getaways. Also, the quick trip is likely to uplift your mood, reduce stress, and keep you away from the mundane routine.

In case you like art, you can always explore the art museums and art galleries for artists near you. This will help you stay creative and will definitely going to relax your mind.

2.  Try To Rethink Your Daily Diet

Do you tend to compromise on your own nutritional needs due to the busy schedule and emergencies while on call? As a travel nurse, you must focus on your diet and regimen. While consuming a nutritious diet at work can be difficult, you can constantly replenish the nutrient reservoir on holidays.

 Incorporate a well-balanced meal rich in essential nutrients like proteins, carbs, as well as fats. Along with this, you can prepare your healthy meals and take them along to work. Some nutritious lunch options to try are chicken salad, veggies, and dips, as well as avocado sandwiches. You can infuse the meals with some CBD tinctures to increase the potential health benefits.

3.  Give Your Skin A Quick Prep

Another common issue prevalent amongst travel nurses is skin breakouts and blemishes. While traveling, you might get exposed to many environmental pathogens and dust particles. Take at least a day off to rejuvenate and improve your skin quality. You can follow a 3-step skincare regime for this purpose.

Along with this, the DIY face mask recipes containing kratom extracts might control acne issues. The herbal extracts contain mitragynine that can prevent skin inflammation and possible breakouts.

4.  Overcome The Lack Of Sleep

Functioning in a sleep-deprived state can keep your body on alert mode and increase stress levels. Hence, it’s crucial to replenish the sleep deprivation and get proper sleep on the off-days. Try to get over the lack of sleep through a good sleep environment and herbal sleep aids.

Also, keep the room dark, cool, and well-ventilated to avoid possible mental health issues. Aim for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep and use herbal sleep aids like chamomile or valerian. Not only will it reduce sleep-related lethargy, but it also allows you to unwind and relax in between work shifts.

5.  Get Out & Move For A While

Don’t end up spending the off-day under your cozy blankets with a hot cup of coffee. You must get out and do some physical activity to keep your body in the right shape. Hectic working shifts and constant traveling can affect your physical health.

Also, it may lead to excessive accumulation of fats and cause weight gain. Try to take out at least 30 minutes on the day-offs and do some aerobic exercises. You may head out for a quick run or do a few squats in the comfort of your home.

6.  Make Time For Your Hobbies

After you begin your professional life as a travel nurse, you may not find enough time to pursue your hobbies. But, you can always bring the creative entity out on the holidays or off-days. Try to do at least one activity that soothes your mind and rejuvenates your body. It could be anything, ranging from painting to sketching or even gardening.

Hobbies help you unwind, relax, and take your mind off the constant work-related thoughts. Not to forget, it can be the much-needed therapy after days of emergencies and hectic nursing schedules.

7.  Plan A Meal With Your Loved Ones

As a social being, you must take out some time for your family and close friends. You can plan a getaway with your parents or head out to explore that new cafe with your friends. Also, try to mingle with friends outside your work as well.

That way, you get to keep your mind off the work incidences and possible stressors. It’s essential to spend time with your colleagues as well as your good-old buddies. On the off-days, you can plan a movie or house party and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

The Takeaway

Travel nurses are always on the move during patient care or while traveling to the workplace. For all the travel nurses, frequent breaks are essential to unwind and relax after long hours of emergency duties. Take out at least one day off for your mental and physical well-being. You can spend the day watching your favorite shows or overcome sleep deprivation. Also, plan a day out with your friends to relax and get your mind off the work stress.

We hope you found these tips for things to do on your day off as a travel nurse helpful. Have you found things to do on your day off that you would like to share? Comment them below.

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