COVID-19 Tips From Staffing Agency Travel Nurse Across America

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April 21, 2020



COVID-19 Tips From Staffing Agency Travel Nurse Across America: Unemployment, Proper PPE and MORE.

During the video staff members from Travel Nurse Across America discussed many COVID 19 tips including unemployment, proper PPE and more. Below you will find a rundown on what was discussed on unemployment.


You have the option to apply for unemployment insurance, keep in mind during this pandemic the processing time is considerably longer. You should file for unemployment for the state in which you last worked. AARP has listed every states websites and hotlines in order to file, you can use this link

What will they need? 

You will need to provide your name, social, date of birth, phone number, your facility name and address where you last worked. To speed up payment,  you should also have banking information available in order to set up direct deposit.  They will ask for your employment history with your last assignment.   While TNAA is your employer, your assignment location will determine the state in which you file your Unemployment application. 

TNAA will do everything we can when the notice is sent to TNAA to speed the process up in order to receive a speedy payment.   When you file with the state, the federal application is completed as well.  You should know the day of application whether you will be approved.   We understand that the first payment normally is received within one week.   There are no “delays or employment expectations for you to be looking for another job” due to the COVID situation.  The liberal Unemployment process is a direct result of the Stimulus Package due to COVID.   Once the crisis is over, most likely the Unemployment process will return to the normal restrictions and expectations.

How long does Unemployment last?

Once Unemployment begins it will end once you are able to return to work.    Based on limited sick time, this is a welcome source of income for many.   We understand the Federal Unemployment process is scheduled to end by July 31, 2020.  State unemployment normally ends after 25 weeks. This will continue as long as you are off work due to COVID.    The income is a combination of the state and federal plans which will not exceed your normal weekly income.  The maximum weekly combined income is $1,051.

We hope that you found these COVID 19 tips helpful as well as the Unemployment information. If you have any questions or comments please comment them below or follow this link to the video on The Gypsy Nurse Facebook group and comment on there.

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