The Ongoing Conditions and Difficulties Travel Nurses Face During COVID


By TNAA Healthcare

June 5, 2020



COVID-19 and Travel Nursing

Travel Nurse Across American went live on The Gypsy Nurse Fan page recently. Jill (VP of Clinicals), Rose (Senior VP of Recruitment), and former traveler Wendy (Clinical Liaison) from Travel Nurse Across America discuss the ongoing conditions and difficulties travel nurses have to face during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The topics discussed during the video included:

  • New COVID-19 testing regulations for travel nurses taking assignments
  • Locations that are hiring travel nurses
  • What you can do now to be ready when jobs in you specialty opens
  • Why you should update your skills checklist
  • Why you should work on your certification during your down time
  • How nursing had shifted due to COVID
  • How to balance being a nurse and being empathetic with patients who don’t have a family with them.

About TNAA

Travel Nurse Across America Setting the Standard in Service! At Travel Nurse across America, we take pride in doing things differently. We place our nurses on high-paying jobs in exciting locations across the country, but it’s our service before, during and after your assignment that sets us apart. Our dedicated, supportive staff understands how stressful preparing for a travel nursing job can be, and that’s why we put our experience to work for you to remove the headaches and send you smoothly on your way. 

We hope you found this video and the information on the ongoing conditions and difficulties travel nurses have to face during the COVID-19 pandemic helpful. As always, if you have any comments or questions, please comment them below. You can also view the video on Facebook and leave your comments or questions there. If there are topics you would like to see covered during a live event, please comment on those in either place.

For more videos and articles on COVID-19 advise or information please visit our COVID-19 resource page here.

If you are a new traveler or looking into becoming a Travel Nurse:

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