Why Take a Contract at Indian Health Services (IHS) Facility?


By AB Staffing Solutions

September 20, 2019



Why Take a Contract at Indian Health Services (IHS) Facility?

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Are you ready to advance your nursing career? Do you desire to travel in a different part of the country every few months? Are you wanting more time to enjoy outdoor activities? Consider taking a travel contract at an Indian Health Services (IHS) Facility.

IHS serves more than 560 federally recognized American Indian and Alaskan Native tribes, approximately 1.9 million people, throughout the United States. With over 300 hospitals and clinics nationwide, travel nurses and other medical professionals have the opportunity to work in diverse settings and specialties. A federally funded agency within the Department of Health and Human Services, IHS offers in-patient and outpatient healthcare services, clinical care, and dental and pharmacy services.

Why is Taking a Contract at Indian Health Services (IHS) a Good Idea?

If you’re ready to serve a diverse population, practice varied specialties, learn new techniques, and experience a new culture, an Indian Health Services facility may be the perfect match for you.

Give Back to the Community

IHS facilities give medical professionals the opportunity to work with a unique population. They share their knowledge about common health issues like diabetes, seeing changes happen in families and the community. Because they live in the community as well as serve, our travel nurses tell us they enjoy learning about Native American culture, history, and tradition. This helps them understand how to treat, teach, and mentor their patients.

Good benefits

If you’re looking for a comprehensive benefits package, an IHS contract is worth considering. Our contracts offer paid medical and dental, 401(k) plan, life insurance, and weekly direct deposit, making it easier to save money as a travel nurse and manage your budget. 

All state licenses accepted

If you’re licensed in any state, you can work for Indian Health Services. If you’re licensed in Texas and take a contract in Arizona at an IHS facility, your license will be accepted. That saves time and money, making it a simpler move for you and your family.

Hiking, Scenery, and Culture

With areas across the nation, working at an IHS facility means you’re able to choose your location. If you’re looking to explore the Southwest, consider a contract with the Navajo Nation. Travel Nurse Lindsey who works for AB Staffing Solutions has worked several years on the Navajo Nation and says, “Within a two-hour drive, I was able to visit and hike in and around the states that make up the four corners – Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.” In addition to the hiking and scenery, she enjoyed her time getting to know the people, culture, and language.

Smaller patient load.

In some cases, working at an IHS facility means a slower, more relaxed pace. This is great for someone that might be toward the end of their career, looking for a break, or wanting to connect more with their patients.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to serve a unique population in locations across the nation, consider taking a contract at an Indian Health Services facility and contact your recruiter today!

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