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By Egbert Feron

March 9, 2021



How to Continue Acquiring New Nursing Skills While Working

Being a nurse is such a joy; there is so much fulfillment you get when you are helping people who really need it. When you are a nurse, there are always new nursing skills that you must add to your toolbox; it is a job that requires evolution and frequently. Through this article, you will discover the skills that all nurses need to be reliable and successful nurses anywhere in the world. 

What Skills Are Needed?

One of the most important nursing skills one must acquire is to be able to think on the spot, critical thinking. When you are able to think under pressure and think quickly, this is a great advantage. As a nurse, you may be required to work with a new team at a new location, so being flexible with your ideas is a great asset. As a nurse, all the patients you will be serving are different. They all require different needs. So it is vital to have a fast mind that can deal with different scenarios that may be presented to them.

Another huge part of being a nurse is the amount of technology required to do the job. So it is very important to keep up to date with the various technologies that come onto the market. There are now apps that nurses can use which will tell them how much of a dose is needed for each patient. Nowadays, you need to understand websites to collect patient data and health records. So to keep reviewing technology as a nurse will certainly keep you up to date with everything you may face when you work on the job.

Communication is another skill that is super important as a nurse. To be able to communicate well with your patients and also your work colleagues. As a nurse, you are working on getting a certain outcome with your patients. So this requires lots of communication with each patient plus explaining to your fellow nurse when you hand over after your shift. This part of nursing is crucial and determines a good outcome or a negative outcome.

How to Keep Learning While on The Job?

This is always the challenge that every nurse faces. To learn new nursing skills is a difficult task on its own, but while you are working dealing with patients, it can really be a challenge. The best way to approach learning on the job is to incorporate it with what you are doing from day to day. So, in fact learning new nursing skills can work out better while you are doing your everyday shifts. The thing to remember is that we are always learning whatever we are doing in life, so it is important to keep an open mind while working and pick up new nursing skills as you go.

As long as you are someone that asks questions and is not afraid of getting something wrong, learning on the job will be no problem for you. It is a good idea to make sure you are looking at new technology in the hospital. It is always a good thing to practice your communication skills with other colleagues and patients whenever you can. The best nurses work with a notebook and are always taking notes as they work. You will also find that the best nurses when they are on their lunch breaks, are looking through books and notes to learn more.

Make the best of your time

The most important part of learning while you are on the job is to make the best out of your time. You must be organized. This is the number one thing to remember. As long as you can organize your time, you will be able to learn new nursing skills on the job. So a tip that is good to use is to stay a little later after your shift to see how other nurses start off their shift. This will help you see how other nurses deal with things. The more ways you see something done, the more methods you will have to solve problems in the future. 

Best Skills to Learn on The Job

  • Effective communication
  • Organization skills
  • Keep up to date with all technology.
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Meet a mentor and watch them work
  • Always ask questions

These are effective tools that will help you become better at doing your job as a nurse.


With your new nursing skills, you will be able to deal with patients better, and it will also help you deal with fellow colleagues in a better way. You never stop learning when you are a nurse, so keep an open mind and be like a sponge, absorb all you can.

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