AATN: Can I expect Compensation for Pre-Employment Testing

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

September 2, 2017



Ask A Travel Nurse: Can I expect Compensation for Pre-Employment Testing

Are travel companies required to reimburse you for orientation/hospital education? Specifically, I’ve been given education/assessment assignments on Healthstream.com and it’s proving to be rather time-consuming; I figure it’s going to take me at least 4 hours to complete. Is it an unrealistic expectation to reimbursed for this time?

Thank you, Jessica, RN ASN


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Unfortunately, it’s not required nor is it common for travel companies to offer compensation to a traveler for pre-required testing/paperwork.   This is no different from any other pre-employment paperwork in their eyes.

Having said that…  There have been occasions where I have asked my recruiter if I could get some compensation for the time spent (especially if I can prove the time or the hospital is requiring an exorbitant amount of extra online tests).  This has worked on some occasions but I have never gotten fully compensated for all the hours spent doing online pre-employment testing.  I once received a visa card and another time I was compensated for an additional $50 bonus on my first check. So in summary; it’s not required or expected but it never hurts to ask.

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