Challenges of a Travel Nurse: Tips from a Recruiter

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By Fastaff Travel Nursing

September 2, 2022



Tips From a Recruiter – Handling Illness & Other Curveballs as a Traveling Nurse

Fastaff provided this article.

Let’s set the scene: You’re cruising through week one of your 13-week travel assignment feeling confident and excited for the opportunities that await. You’ve familiarized yourself with the ins and outs of the facility and your new coworkers, and you extend the highest-quality care to all your patients.

Then, on the second week of your assignment, you get sick.
Or you’re needed to aid in a family emergency.
Or you need to call out of work for an unexpected reason.

What now?

Travel nursing comes with its own set of unique challenges, and handling those challenges when you’re a traveler can be overwhelming, as many nurses aren’t clear on the process.
We asked one of our Fastaff recruiters how nurses can best handle these situations and effective communication tips to make the unexpected a little easier.

“I would always suggest that an RN call their manager or scheduling at the facility to ensure they are aware of the situation, and they can plan ahead for scheduling. They should also alert their recruiter so that we can communicate on our end (but still need to message directly to the facility because sometimes there are delays in communication with the game of telephone we play, and it’s important that the manager have as advanced notice as possible in order to find someone to cover their shift).
“If it’s a family emergency, it’s best if they can just let everyone know when (approximately) they expect to return – so that the facility can plan.” – Melissa Donahoo, Fastaff Recruiter.

We strive to have the recruiter + nurse relationship built on trust and communication. What it comes down to is simply communication – no matter what arises, open avenues of communication can pave the way for a seamless resolution so you can get back to serving patients across the nation.

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