Travel Nursing Guide: A Guide for New and Veteran Travel Nurses

The travel nurse guide is designed to guide a new travel nurse from dreaming right through the entire contract process. In this step-by-by step guide, you will learn the ins and outs of travel nursing.  Don’t worry, if you have already started travel nursing but still have questions, there is something in our travel nurse guide for you as well.


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Step #9: Working With Your Recruiter (s)
The Travel Nurse Recruiter Building and maintaining a solid relationship with your travel nurse recruiter(s) is an important aspect of your professional career. Whether searching for a job or happily employed, ...
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Step #10 Prepare For the Interview
Travel Nurse Interview Process The first thing to remember when you’re called for the travel nurse Interview is interviewing the facility as much as the manager is interviewing you.  You ...
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Step #11 Preliminary Contract Negotiations
There are multiple variables to consider when you’re looking at travel nurse contract negotiations between yourself and your travel nurse recruiter/company.  The ultimate outcome should be a win-win situation for both parties. ...
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Step #12: Determine if The Job is A Good Fit
Now that you’ve had the interview, the next step is to determine if the position is a good fit for you.  You may think to yourself that ‘It’s just a ...
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Step #13: Sealing the Deal
You have come a long way.  You’ve completed steps 1-12 at this point and your ready to move on to the next step; Sealing The Deal.  This should be the ...
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Step #14 Getting Ready for The Journey
“CONGRATS”  If you’re at this point, you have completed all the previous steps and are ready to think leaving home for work.  I’m excited, are you? Hopefully you have done ...
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Step #15: Packing for the Travel Nurse
Now that you have completed all the required paperwork and jumped through any hoops that the agency has requested, it’s time to start thinking about leaving. One of the most ...
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Step #16: Prepare Your Vehicle for Your Travel Nurse Roadtrip
Driving to your next contract? These tips will make your travel nurse roadtrip planning go smooth and easy. I’ll admit upfront that I’m not a mechanic!  I’m a nurse.  Take ...
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Step #17: Keeping Track of Your Travel Nurse Paperwork
Keeping Track of your travel nurse Paperwork is an important step in the Travel Nursing process.  Seven years of travel nurse paperwork can pile up and become a burden on the ...
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