Technology in Healthcare: Articles for Travel Nurses

Technology is ever-changing. This includes the healthcare field. Here you will find articles on what changes are being made, what technology you should have as a travel nurse, what changes you may see in technology and healthcare in the future, and many other topics.

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EMR Conversion – Not a Bad Gig if You Can Get It!
This article is sponsored by Travel Nurse Across America® Questions come up frequently about working in facilities undergoing EMR conversions.  The usual, “What’s it like? Is it hard? What do ...
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Texting Trends in Travel Nursing
There has been some recent controversy on the newly developing trend of travel nurse staffing agencies texting potential jobs to travel nurse candidates.  What is the point of the new texting ...
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LinkedIn for Travel Nurses
The following is a guest post from: Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC Have you considered LinkedIn for travel nurse networking? Online networking is nothing new, and professionals the world over ...
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