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Are you thinking about taking the leap into a career as a travel nurse? Are you just starting out in travel nursing? These articles are written just for you. Veteran travel nurses, there may be something in here for you as well.

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Non-Traditional Nursing Careers: What Is Travel Nursing?
Not all nurses work in a hospital or clinic setting.  There are many Non-Traditional Nursing Careers to choose from.  Travel Nursing is one of them! Travel Nurses are nurses that ...
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Nurse Travel with A Spouse or “Tag-A-Long”
I know that many travel nurses travel with a spouse or significant other and began wondering what it was like for those that tag along. There isn’t really any support ...
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The Long Distance Relationship Survival Kit For Travel Nurses
This article is sponsored by Travel Nurse Across America® 10 Helpful Hints to Stay Connected Hey Gypsies! As a travel nurse, you’ve embarked on a very exciting career, and it ...
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Traveling with Your Cat or Dog
This article is provided by Premier Medical Staffing Services, LLC ® Tips to stay safe on the road Travel nurses are often drawn to their careers because of the excitement ...
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Ask A Travel Nurse: Compact RN Licensure
The Gypsy Nurse strives to be your #1 source for Travel Nursing Answers. For new and experienced travelers alike. CHECK HERE or Search our articles to see if your travel ...
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Why Don’t Some Travel Nursing Agencies List Pay Rates?
This article was provided by Travel Nurse Across America® Travel nursing isn’t your average career for a long list of reasons – new locations, new workplaces, and new faces every ...
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What to Expect on Your First Day in a Travel Nurse Assignment
1.) Do a Test Run before you start your first day -Always try to familiarize yourself with the route to the hospital, the hospital campus, and even the parking lot.-Time ...
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Travel Nurse: The ‘Referral’ Bonus
“The referral is a key piece of efforts to source new candidates for open positions. Thus the referral bonus comes from the marketing budget, not the RN’s pay package. A ...
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Travel Nurse Pay: How Do I Know I’m Getting a ‘Fair’ Offer?
This article was provided by: Aya Healthcare Determine your Minimum Worth My first advice to any traveler is to know what you feel your minimum worth is.  Determine how much ...
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