Housing and RV Living: Articles on Housing Options for Travel Nurses

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5 Tips on How to Easily Sell Your Home
When looking to sell your home, here are some tips to make sell it easily. With your line of work all about traveling, it’s also fair to say it is ...
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How Agencies Scope out Housing for Travel Nurses
This article provided by: Titan Medical Group After accepting a traveling healthcare assignment, travelers typically have the option to let their agency assist in finding temporary housing for them. So, ...
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Avoid Housing Scams While Traveling
The following is re-printed with permission from: Randstad Healthcare More travelers today are choosing to secure their own temporary housing for a travel assignment than ever before. With that said, we ...
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Travel Nurse Housing: Where am I going to Live? Part III
3 Travel Nurse Housing Options There are 3 travel nurse housing options to consider when asking the question Where am I going to live? Agency Provided Travel Nurse Housing Securing ...
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Travel Nurse Housing: 5 Tips to Save Money on Hotels & Housing
Chances are you became a travel nurse because you wanted a job where you could help people in need and see the country (or the world). But along with the ...
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Maximize Your Travel Nurse Housing Per Diem
What do you do when the rental housing market is very tough, expensive, or limited availability?  How do you find something affordable so that you can maximize your travel nurse ...
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3 Ways to Save Money on Housing
This is a sponsored post by: Focus Staff Working as a travel healthcare professional allows you to make plenty of money. Of course, as a wise man once said, “mo’ ...
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Step #19 Arrival on Location
Travel Nurse Housing Safety, Security, and Condition Assessing travel nurse housing safety, security, and condition on arrival is crucial. Regardless if you’ve allowed the agency to arrange your travel nurse ...
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Step # 20 Settling Into Your Travel Nurse Housing
Your Travel Nurse Home You now have the keys to your travel nurse home for the next 13 weeks.  I’m going to give you some tips on Settling in and ...
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