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How to Navigate Housing in High-Cost Cities
High-cost cities can sometimes make it difficult to have a successful and fun assignment, so allow me to make suggestions that may help during your next adventure.  Let me just ...
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How to Get the Most Out of Using Furnished Finder for Housing
Furnished Finder, the recommended housing platform of The Gypsy Nurse, is an excellent resource for travel nurses because 1) you go direct to the property owner and 2) you don’t ...
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Travel Nurses: Everything You Need To Know About Moving
Whether you’re considering a career in travel nursing or you’re getting ready to start your journey as a travel nurse, there are many things to consider when choosing this career. ...
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Tips for Securing Housing in a College Town
This article was provided by trustaff. With the return of in-person classes and fall college football season, many times, finding somewhere to stay for your assignment can be tough. We ...
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Tips For Finding Short-Term Travel Nurse Furnished Housing
Travel nurses are real explorers and adventurers. This is why many see it as a special profession, as registered nurses get to take their skills on the road. But, this ...
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Ways to Get Creative When Looking for Travel Nurse Housing
Right now, rates for travel nursing are at an all-time high. However, the cost of real estate has also swelled over the course of the pandemic, and more nurses than ...
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5 Easy Ways to Make a Space Feel Like Home
This is a guest post by: Kelly Holland. It can be hard to travel for work when feelings of homesickness arise. Staying busy with a job is great, but you ...
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Tips for Surviving the Travel Nursing Housing Crunch
There is currently a housing crunch for travel nurses.  Lack of available housing inventory and high prices have made finding housing difficult for many travel RNs across the US. The ...
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It’s Time to Research Housing: Where do I Start?
(Including a list of the best housing resources for travel nurses)  Working as a travel nurse can be a rewarding and enriching experience, but it does come with a certain ...
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