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The #1 Spot for Travel Nurse Housing and RV Living information. In this category, you will find a vast amount of articles on the topic of housing. Including tips for avoiding scams, RV living, how to make your temporary housing homier, and many more topics.

The Gypsy Nurse has answers to all of your travel nurse housing and RV living questions here.

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Tips for Discounts on Hotel, Flight, and Car Rentals
Traveling can get expensive, and when it’s your job, it’s important to cut these expenses whenever and wherever you can.  One of our Network group members has some ‘insider’ tips ...
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I Use an RV or 5th Wheel for Travel – Can I Deduct The RV Expenses?
Using an RV or 5th Wheel as your assignment lodging is a great way to work as a traveler. It removes the dreaded task of loading / unloading your vehicle ...
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How to Make Temporary Travel Nurse Housing Feel More Like “Home”
Hey Gypsies!  So you found yourself a new travel nurse assignment, and you just arrived at your new “home”!  Congratulations!  Now, try and make it feel a little cozier and ...
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Travel Nurse in an RV: Amenities
The following article is provided by Katy, who works as a travel nurse and lives in an RV. Katy describes what things the travel nurse may look for in RV ...
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A Travel Nurse on Assignment In An RV
I recently published a 3-part Series on Travel Nurse Housing Options. The option that I am least familiar with is RV Travel. Travel Nursing in an RV isn’t my specialty ...
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Travel Nurse Housing: Choosing the Right RV
Travel Nursing in an RV isn’t my specialty (actually, I know nothing at all about it and won’t pretend to). Karen Bell, has provided the following information. Karen is a ...
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Ask A Travel Nurse: Tax Home
Gypsy, I am a travel nurse and am wondering if you have any advice about establishing a tax home? I won’t be keeping my apt here, so will that mean ...
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Ask A Travel Nurse: RV Living RoundTable (TravCon14)
The discussions at the RV Living RoundTable this year at the conference was varied and informative. The round table discussions were attended by gypsies who have never lived in an RV, ...
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