Mental Health Articles for Travel Nurses and Health Care Workers

As a travel nurse, your mental health is of great importance. You cannot fully care for others if you aren’t caring for yourself. In this category, you will find articles to help you keep on top of your mental health. As well as tips to help you maintain your mental health.  You will also find tips for self-care and relaxation.

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4 Tips For Coping With Travel Nursing Stress
This post is provided by: ONESTAFF Medical ®. Travel nursing can be an amazingly rewarding profession, but no one ever said it wasn’t stressful. Let’s be honest, nursing, in general, can be ...
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Health and Medication Issues for the Full-Time Travel Nurse
For the full-time travel nurse (or healthcare professional), finding adequate insurance coverage, maintaining your medical appointments, and obtaining prescriptions can be quite difficult. And…let’s be honest, a bit daunting especially ...
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What You Might Be Missing Online
Point and click your way to these handy tools for nurses on the go. The Internet can be a vast open space and perhaps a bit overwhelming at times to ...
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Knowing the Nurse Within
The following is a Guest Post via Elizabeth Hi there! My name’s Elizabeth Scala and I’m a Nurse Coach and Reiki Nurse. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to guest blog ...
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Treatment Plan: Homesickness
Now that you’ve been diagnosed with Home-Sickness, it’s time to work on the treatment.  I’ve come up with some methods for myself that help combat the feeling of homesickness or loneliness. ...
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Diagnosis: Burnout
Burnout: burn·out/ˈbərnˌout/ The reduction of a fuel or substance to nothing through use or combustion. Physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. Causes, incidence, and risk factors of ...
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3 Fast Remedies for Travel Nurses On the Road
By Annette Tersigni RN, The Yoga Nurse™ Travel nursing is a glamorous, exciting adventure. You are a nursing rock star on the road. And yes, at times, you’ll feel stress ...
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Support Groups for Homesickness
There are multiple Support Groups to work into your Treatment Plan for Homesickness. The following is only a small list of the ones that I can personally Now, I ...
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Embarking on a Health Journey: Connections Made on the Road
The following is the second in a series of posts documenting the path of two Graduate nurses embarking on an unconventional Health Journey… This second article discusses connections made on ...
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