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Healthy Breakfasts for Travel Nurses In 5 Minutes or Less
Healthy Breakfasts for Travel Nurses In 5 Minutes or Less – mornings as a travel nurse are often hectic, here are some quick and healthy options. Breakfast is known to ...
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3 Travel Nurse Financial Management Tips
Travel nursing is a very demanding profession that can leave little time for anything outside of work and family responsibilities (let alone sleep!).  As a result, travel RNs often find ...
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First Time Experiences as a New Travel Nurse
Guest Post By: Kaci Baltazar, RN, BSN  I’m a small town TX girl. I lived at home while going to college and had never lived on my own.  I got engaged ...
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Top Fourth of July Spots
I don’t know about you, but coming together with family or taking a trip in the summer around the Fourth of July is something I wait for all year. It ...
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Traveling Light: Without the Burnout Suitcase
The Following is a Guest Post by Cheryl J Reynolds Burnout prevention is always the best medicine, but for some of us, even with our best intentions….prevention doesn’t happen. Are ...
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Travel Light: How to Stay Fit and Light on the Go
As a frequent traveler over the past eight years, whether for personal leisure travel or business travel as a travel nurse, I have found three mainstays that keep me feeling ...
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Travel Nurse Pets on Assignment
Hello fellow gypsies! I want to introduce you to the main man in my life: Mr. Hank E. Hankerton. Yes, he’s a doggo. I know you’re gonna ask about his ...
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Guest Post: Leaving the Bedside
“You want me to help you turn a patient? Please don’t make me help you. I am so tired of touching strangers.” I didn’t dare voice this feeling when one of ...
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5 Tips for Healthy Summer RVing for Travel Nurses
RV living during your travel nurse assignments is a great way to save money and still have your own space while traveling.  However, cramped quarters and a serious lack of ...
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