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We love to feature our readers! Our travel nurse guest articles give you insight on what it’s like from the front lines of travel nursing.

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Meal Prepping for Travel Nurses on the Go
Meal prep for travel nurses can be a great tool for healthy eating. Whether it’s traveling to a new state or a city or two away, one of the things ...
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Trash Walk with Travel Nurses
As a night shift nurse who worked in Pennsylvania for 3 years, I rarely saw the sun.  Between sleeping during the day to stay awake all night at work and ...
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Love on the Road as a Travel Nurse Couple
Imagine getting to work with your best friend as well as exploring a new place together every three months. My boyfriend, Ty, and I are currently a travel nurse couple. ...
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The City That Opened The Doors To A Whole New World
New Orleans was my very first of 6 travel nurse assignments. Almost 4 years ago now. At the age of 23, I had moved over 1,000 miles away from home, ...
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Travel Nurse Pets on Assignment
Hello fellow gypsies! I want to introduce you to the main man in my life: Mr. Hank E. Hankerton. Yes, he’s a doggo. I know you’re gonna ask about his ...
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The Differences Between Travel Nursing in Canada vs The United States
Over the past few months I’ve been in contact with a lot of other travel nurses via social media and most of them are from the US! It’s been really ...
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Stepping Away From the Bedside
A little about me: Currently, I work in Healthcare Informatics for an American company and am based in the United Kingdom. A little about me:  I graduated in 1997 and ...
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Haves, Have Nots, and Should Haves: Advice, Tips, and Strategies for First Time Travelers
Guest Post By: Kelly Korb I began my travel nurse journey as a first-time traveler in September 2016 and am currently 6 weeks away from completing my first assignment! It ...
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The Best Ways to Explore Your New City Part II
Guest Post By: Kelly Korb I’m currently a few weeks into my 3rd travel assignment and it is by far my favorite so far, in terms of access to virtually ...
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