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Find travel nurse news, information, stories, and advice. All the information needed for a successful career as a travel nurse.

February Gypsy Nurse Travel Spotify Playlist
Each month we ask our Gypsy Nurse Instagram followers where they are this month in our story. As our inbox is flooded with responses, we carefully curate a soundtrack dedicated ...
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A Mat and Two Dumbbells; Easy Exercises for Travel Nurses
One of our reasons for not working out as travel nurses is not making it to the gym. Maybe because of distance or time. This is very understandable, but then ...
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5 Tips When Searching for Housing with a Dog
Travel nursing is an extraordinary experience. Traveling with a dog (or three) can make the experience infinitely better! I’m Amber from @shesoutwandering, and I have been traveling for over three ...
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Top 5 Tips For Dealing With Difficult Patients While Travel Nursing
Dealing with difficult patients is a skill. Whether you are new to the nursing scene, or a seasoned vet, you know that there are just some patients that push you ...
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Understanding the Bill Rate
All of your compensation and the companies expenses/profits will come from one thing; The Bill Rate.  A bill rate is the amount contracted for the hospital to pay the agency ...
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Remote Work Considerations for Travel Nurses
The healthcare industry often goes through periods of difficulty, and the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been one of the most challenging. Travel nurses are essential contributors to the front line ...
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19 Travel Nurse Tips
Travel Nursing is a great way to see the world while still earning a paycheck.  However, there are some things you need to know before you decide to become a ...
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An Expert’s Guide to Being a New Travel Nurse
Calling myself an Expert Ok well calling myself an expert might be a bit of a stretch, but I have done this eight times in about two years, so the ...
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How to Manage Your Professional Development as a Travel Nurse
Travel nursing is a demanding career, and healthcare institutions are always searching for the best-equipped nurses in terms of education and experience. The health sector is rapidly changing as new ...
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