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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

August 8, 2018



Step #6: Building Your Travel Portfolio

The travel nurse paperwork can be a nightmare! Last minute requests for items that you may or may not have easy access to while on the road can be annoying to both you and the recruiter. Avoid having any issues with your travel nurse paperwork by being organized and having everything easily accessible.

Build your Travel Nurse Portfolio

Over the years that I spent as a Travel Nurse, the one thing that consistently impressed my recruiters was my level of organization. Building your Travel Portfolio is an important step in becoming a successful Travel Nurse.

Once you have selected which companies you want to provide with a profile, the next step is to start the application process.

The application process can be daunting as there is so much paperwork that a travel agency will require.  I put together a portfolio with all the necessary documents that a travel agency will request.

EXPERT TIP: Save all of your Travel Nurse paperwork into a .pdf file and save as a .zip folder. This process, although time-consuming the first time, will make it a breeze to apply with new companies as well as making a lasting impression on your new recruiter. Remember to store this digital information in a secure, password protected site. 


Completed Application

Many times this is online. I have had my recruiter complete the application for me in many instances from the information provided in my resume. In order to do this, your resume will have to be complete.


Make certain to list the agency as well as the hospital. Your recruiter will need the agency information for employment checks. For additional  tips on writing your resume check HERE

Immunizations / Physical

Hepatitis B
Most recent PPD/Chest X-Ray
Influenza (during Flu season, this is generally mandatory)
As well as all childhood immunizations

Annual Physical (fit for work) form can be obtained from your agency.

Copies (front and back)

Any other nursing certifications
All active nursing licenses
Drivers License (for I-9 verification)
Social Security Card or Passport (for I-9 verification)

Notarized I-9 form Click here to download Form I-9 (PDF, 551 KB) **NOTE: This form MUST be notarized.
2 Written References (most recent jobs)
Skills Checklist

Make certain that you have a skills checklist completed for any/all specialties that you work. Many agencies are now utilizing an online skills checklist which is individual to each agency and will need filled out multiple times if working with multiple agencies.

Direct Deposit Form Click here for a generic Direct deposit form

Keep your travel nurse Paperwork up to Date

Building your Travel Portfolio is a lot of work to begin but once it’s completed, keeping it up to date will save you tons of time and effort when applying for positions in the future.

If you have a company or recruiter ask for information or documents that are not listed on this file, please inform me in the comments below so I can keep my information as complete as possible.

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