Best Travel Nurse Scrubs of 2020: Travel Tips for Travel Nurses

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By Paul Priceman

April 19, 2020



Best Scrubs for Travel Nurses of 2020

A Curated Selection of the Newest Nursing Scrubs Out There

nursing scrubs
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The staggering amount of nursing scrubs there are to choose from in 2020 is awesome! Anyone with a lot of time to spare, who appreciates variety and loves to browse through hundreds and hundreds of different choices of medical scrubs, is surely enjoying themselves.

But for the average medical professional, who doesn’t have quite so much time to waste, searching through an unending online plethora of medical scrubs can be a bit overwhelming. And since not all scrubs are stylish or even worth looking at, searching around can result in a lot of precious time being wasted.

nursing scrubs
Photo provided by Demi Lundgren

But that’s no reason for you to worry because you have this guide to browse through! So, instead of spending who knows how long looking for chic nursing scrubs, all you need to do is skim through this 2020 guide to the best scrubs, and you’ll know about all the latest medical apparel collections and their greatest most awesome scrub pieces within minutes.

Barco Motion Scrubs

Motion Scrubs, Barco’s latest line of nursing apparel, are stylish, yet sensible scrubs, designed to keep modern medical professionals moving. They’re constructed of comfy, two-way stretch fabric, and are fabulously functional, with vast pockets and other utilitarian details. As you stride energetically through the corridors in these scrubs that ‘keep you moving,’ you can enjoy the ‘comfort that moves with you!’

Favorite Picks from the Barco Motion Scrubs Collection!

Cherokee Form Scrubs

nursing scrubs
Photo provided by Chase+Lindsay

So, this one’s the most recently introduced line from Cherokee Nursing Uniforms, the prominent company that’s been producing quality scrubs for nearly half a century. They’ve been aptly named Cherokee Form since they conform to the body in a marvelously mod manner. Yup; chic’s the code word; we’re talking princess seams, shirt-tail hems, and classy tapering here! These scrubs are designed to fit every medical professional, and ergo, they come in practically every size possible!

Favorite Picks from the Cherokee Form Scrubs Collection!

WonderWink Neo Ladies’ Nursing Scrubs

WonderWink just welcomed its latest collection, WonderWink Neo, to its showrooms! Splashy, bold hues, sporty vibes, and oh so comfortable ventilated fabric put these Neo scrubs in a category of their own. Looking for fun, modern scrubs that feel airy and lightweight, and scream with spunk? Dare to try WonderWink Neo; the coolest scrubs you’ll find!

Favorite Picks from WonderWink Neo Scrubs!

Landau ProFlex Nursing Scrubs

Photo provided by Paula Rouse

Landau Proflex, the fabulously comfortable scrub selection that offers unsurpassed flexibility, has options for everyone. Are you looking for a scrub skirt? Landau ProFlex has one for you! Whether you’re expecting, and you need maternity scrub pants that will keep mom and baby comfortable, or you’re a guy looking for a button-down men’s scrub jacket, Landau ProFlex has something just for you. And that something is fade and wrinkle-resistant, plus, it has a relaxing two-way stretch!

Favorite Picks from Landau ProFlex Scrubs!

Zoe + Chloe Nursing Scrubs

For those of you who know scrub like you know nursing, no; that title wasn’t a typo. True, Zoe and Chloe may not be a new collection, but it has got some fabulous new printed scrubs that we just couldn’t leave out of this scrub guide! Zoe + Chloe’s claim to fame is their unrivaled talent in designing printed nursing scrubs that are bold, modern and chic.

Favorite Picks from the Zoe +Chloe Scrubs Collection!

This photo provided by Stephanie Skertich

So, those are the latest scrub uniform options from today’s top scrub manufacturers! Every scrub brand we mentioned in this 2020 scrub guide offers well-priced, affordable scrubs that provide the ultimate in both fashion and function. Find the one that suits your scrubs style best!

Whether you’re looking for cool scrubs, sophisticated ones, a practical nursing uniform, or one that’s flatteringly form-fitting, as long as you’re interested in choosing a style that is up to date, this article is your go-to nursing scrubs guide for 2020!

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