Best Road Trip Stops from LA to Seattle: Tips for Travel Nurses

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

September 5, 2018



Best Road Trip Stops from LA to Seattle

So it’s that time again; your next adventure awaits! We saw some of you lovely people reaching out for the best road trip stops from LA to Seattle and based on your responses we made you a quick little cheat sheet! Here’s a list of the best attractions, nature and grub for your next 13 week adventure on the West Coast.

Redwood National Park-

There’s just not many things that can make you feel as small on this big planet then standing next to a mammoth tree in California’s Redwood forests. This park for instance is home to tallest of all the redwood trees. For the Instagram savvy, you may want to stop at the Drive-Thru Park and pay $5 to drive through one and get to snap a quick picture to prove it!

Cannon Beach –

Cannon Beach is truly like a dream come true. Celebrated as one of America’s 10 most beautiful towns on the West Coast, there’s a little something to captivate everyone. Personally, I like exploring and taking in the sights, so Haystack Rock would be a must for me to enjoy the landscape, the areas Tufted Puffins and the beautiful marine life in the tide pools. For those more adventurous, you should check out the zip-line tours, surf classes or even a helicopter ride!

Yosemite –

Found in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Yosemite and it’s indescribable beauty is on most adventurers  bucket list. It’s best known for it’s breathtaking waterfalls, but has nearly 1,200 square feet of landscape to roam and explore. Camping sites are available for tents, as well as RV’s, if have a few days to unwind and enjoy in the great outdoors.

Crater lake-

With it’s crystal clear and nearly pristine fresh water, Crater Lake is a must-see for those traveling through Oregon’s,Cascade Mountain Range. This beauty was created nearly 7,700 thousand years ago from volcanic eruption that caused a mountain peak to collapse. The water gets it fascinating beauty from rain and snow, and is the deepest lake in the United States!

Monterey –
Best Road Trip Stops from LA to Seattle

Roll down Highway 1 and take in all that Monterey has to offer. Like the rest of these sites, there is so much beauty in nature that it’s hard to make a short list! Some of the top attractions are famous Bixby Bridge on the way to Big Sur, hang-gliding above Marina State Beach and diving deep with the scuba team at Seven Seas Scuba. If you’re lucky enough to travel with your significant other, you have to check out Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove.

Do you have any other suggestions? Places I’m crazy to have not mentioned? Drop a comment below and let us know! We love hearing about your experiences so we can share them with our growing gypsy community!

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