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By Next Travel Nursing

August 5, 2021



The Benefits Of Travel Nursing

This article was provided by Next Travel Nursing.

If you’re a nurse looking for a profession that’s in demand, look no further than travel nursing. It’s expected to grow by over 15% through 2026. The increase in demand is more than any healthcare location can handle. Travel nurses travel to different locations and accept assignments where the need is greatest.

Traveling nurses experience a variety of benefits and experience an in-demand career that provides security. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience as a travel nurse.

Discover New Places

Of course, one of the main benefits is travel. You may end up in parts of the country you never thought possible – or were even on your bucket list. Travel nurse assignments span the entire country, and you’ll be able to see how nursing is different across the nation.

You can take in the beautiful sights of Montana’s Big Sky or get wrapped up in the lights and sights of Las Vegas. Take advantage of what each location has to offer. Some areas are known for their restaurants or their cultural offerings. Take in what you’re able to when you’re on assignment.

As a travel nurse, you’re able to experience the country in ways others aren’t, thanks to the profession.

Flexibility (Personal and Professional)

Travel nursing allows you to do many things from a professional and personal standpoint. You have the opportunity to travel to different hospitals; many include research and learning opportunities – especially at teaching hospitals. At those locations, you’ll be able to learn new techniques and pick the brains of veteran staff.

Working at these locations can also be a great resume builder, making you more valuable and in demand. The fact you’re willing to work at these locations shows you love to be pushed and up for any type of challenge.

Personally, you’re able to coordinate your assignments so that you’re able to take personal time after assignments to focus on things that are important to you – whether it’s spending time with family and friends or doing volunteer work. Your world is your oyster.

Explore Nursing In New Areas

Travel nursing allows you to explore many areas of nursing. Whether it’s exploring different specialties or types of hospitals, you may find you really like the non-profit since that allows you to focus on patient care. You may find you’re a natural teacher and enjoy working at teaching hospitals.

You can also float to different areas of the hospital. Spend some time in the ICU, ER, or the NICU. You can make an impact in several areas. Plus, you’re able to find out if travel nursing is for you and make the decision to continue or settle on a permanent location – assignments are a great length to determine what you want to do.

Develop Skills Beyond Nursing

Travel nursing allows you to craft your nursing skills, but you’re able to develop skills beyond nursing.

By working in different hospitals, you’ll develop patient skills from new experiences you may not be privy to as a staff nurse. It also forces you to make decisions and think critically as you encounter different situations with patients of all types.

You’ll be helping your career over the long term. You’ll see many sides of nursing so you can develop a clear idea of where you’d like to focus on.

In addition to nursing skills, you’ll develop your soft skills. You need to adapt to many different  situations and communicate effectively – not only to patients but hospital leadership, as well.

Not only are you crafting your nursing skills, but life skills as well. You’re adapting to different locations, situations. As a travel nurse, you’re picking up and going from location to location and getting familiar with new surroundings.

Nurses In Demand

RNs are in demand right now as there is a nurse shortage spanning the country. The need for nurses is growing at an exponential rate, and their skills are highly sought after.

Healthcare locations are having trouble meeting seasonal needs, and with the rapid spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant, the need for nurses is quickly increasing.

ICU and ER nurses appear to be the most sought after, but really, these shortages span all specialties.

As a travel nurse, you’ll rest comfortably knowing you’ll be in demand as there will always be another assignment waiting for you once your current assignment ends.

Higher Pay

Travel nurses work hard and are well compensated with generous hourly rates and benefits. In some cases, they see higher pay and packages than permanent staff. If you have a specialty or skill set that no one has, that increases your wage.

Some locations will offer a referral bonus to RNs who refer other travel nurses or completion bonuses.

On The Front Lines

If you really want to help and are focused on patient care, travel nursing is where to be. You’re on the front lines helping patients who are in need of care.

You’ll see your impact on people’s lives on a daily basis and see the fruits of your care. You’re not stocking equipment and supply rooms. You will be working in areas and with people who need help in your specialty – so it’s focused care. Looking to start your travel nurse career today? Try Next Travel Nursing, an agency that knows strong nurse-recruiter relationships aren’t easy to come by but believes they’re totally essential. Let NEXThelp you find your perfect assignment today.

We hope you found this list of benefits of travel nursing helpful. Are there any other benefits that we missed? Comment them below.

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