Being a Travel Nurse: What are the Benefits of Travel Nursing

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By Lauren Festa

February 22, 2021



Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is an occupation that is applauded worldwide, especially during such difficult times for healthcare workers. In light of COVID-19, healthcare professionals have been working tirelessly to provide for impacted countries around the globe in hopes of bringing health and wellness to those in need. During these times, a necessary occupation would most definitely be travel nurses, but this job allows you to be a hero and brings quite a few benefits. 

The obvious…TRAVEL

           An enormous benefit of being a travel nurse is in the title of the occupation: travel! The luxury of traveling to just about wherever you please to help save lives is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could imagine. Travel nurses are sent on assignments nationwide for about eight to thirteen weeks. These assignments allow nurses to be placed in states ranging from warm and oceanic Hawaii all the way to snowy and ski filled Colorado. The choice is theirs. Travel nurses have the ability to indulge in their inner free spirit and enjoy working in different locations while being an enormous contribution to healthcare. 

Flexible schedule

           Not only do travel nurses get to travel to their desired location to be employed, but this also comes with schedule flexibility. There will always be somewhere in which a particular hospital’s hours will match those of the nurse. A flexible schedule is a massive issue with many employers, although, with this specific occupation, that issue is usually cleared. Travel nursing allows nurses to work during the hours they wish to and in the location, they care for.

Great Pay

           Travel nurses already have their desired location and hours, but they all benefit from their salary! Some may argue that the ability to travel around the country is worth the money within itself, but according to, travel nurses’ wages are over a hundred thousand dollars. Travel nurses are also making a total of more money in comparison to registered nurses (RN). According to, the average salary of a registered nurse is around seventy-one thousand dollars. Each state is continually changing its salary for travel nurses, allowing nurses to change locations once their assignment is up to a potentially higher paying state. These salaries are additional to the priceless adventure that traveling within itself brings.

Making new friends

           Out of the many benefits that becoming a travel nurse brings, one of the most priceless ones that this job gives is the number of people the nurses meet. Traveling around the country, visiting and working in different states around the nation, travel nurses meet endless people. The benefit of traveling and meeting many people allows for connections, relationships, and friendships brought to these nurses with people from around the country. There are only so many jobs that pay you to be a hero around the nation and provide the opportunity to meet new people every single day.

Nurses are more needed than ever

           With COVID-19 still being very present in today’s climate, many have lost jobs and money due to such a draining virus that has impacted everyone worldwide. Although, for travel nurses, job loss is out of the question. Nurses are needed now more than ever around the country to help those in need within the healthcare workforce. There are nurse shortages in hospitals countrywide. As a result, these professionals are needed everywhere. Being a travel nurse does not limit them to help in one area, but the ability to see the nation and work towards lowering the rate of COVID-19 cases in each state. 

Adventurous lifestyle

           Travel nursing is quite an on the go job in which it may be challenging to keep up with such an adventurous lifestyle. Some may be hesitant to have such a venturesome occupation and life and might want to take a pet on the way with them. Travel nurses are more than capable of taking a pet on their road to success. Being a travel nurse means continually being on the move and venturing out. You might as well bring a furry companion for good company!

Always learning

           In general, nursing requires a ton of skill and education that all nurses are equipped with. The benefit of being a travel nurse is that nurses are learning new things every day from each different place while changing hospitals continuously. While registered nurses usually stay in one hospital throughout their career, there is only so much to learn in one area. They are changing locations all the time, learning from the different people they come across in other areas and cities.

           The list of benefits for travel nurses is endless. This career may not be made for everyone, but traveling while saving lives is an adventure waiting for anyone who is up for it. They are needed everywhere and appreciated nationwide. 

We hope you found these benefits helpful. Are there any that we missed? Comment them below.

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