Becoming a Travel Nurse: 3 Reasons You Should Consider Travel Nursing

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By Kevin Devoto

June 26, 2022



3 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Travel Nurse in 2022

The need for healthcare continues worldwide, making this a worrisome trend since there is a nurse shortage. Hospitals and medical facilities are having a difficult time retaining their staff. Many people who have had nursing careers decided to retire early due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and young people aren’t as interested in obtaining student loans for nursing degrees. Earning a nursing degree requires a lot of work, and not all universities offer this degree. Once in the workforce, a nursing career is incredibly demanding, both physically and mentally. For this reason, travel nursing positions are in high demand, as medical facilities may temporarily need a nurse to fill in while they are short-staffed or have a surge in patients. If you’ve been considering becoming a travel nurse, read on for a few reasons that will give you the inspiration to finally make the jump.

Travel Nurses Make A Difference

In many career fields, you can sometimes feel like what you’re doing is meaningless. You may feel like you’re replaceable in your company and that anyone else could do exactly what you’re doing. As a travel nurse, however, you can truly know that you’re making an impact every single day. There are less and less people choosing nursing for a career, but there is an increase in the need for medical care.

It will be rewarding for you knowing that what you do can’t be done by anyone and that you’re helping people receive the care they need. Your job means something to those people who are sick and suffering. They are grateful to have a caregiver who cares about their well-being and chooses to invest their time in helping them get the care they need for recovery.

Travel Nurses Have Freedom

Now more than ever, younger generations value their freedom more than anything. They want to travel and have flexibility in their careers, so they don’t experience burnout. One of the drawbacks of nursing careers is they have rigorous and tight schedules. If you work in a hospital, you may have to work night shifts along with long 12-hour shifts. If you work in a clinic, there are specific hours they are open, which means there are specific hours you have to be there.

The difference with travel nursing is that you can accept an assignment and then take a couple weeks off or longer after you complete it before you accept another. This makes it less likely to avoid burnout. You don’t have to request time off from your boss if you need a break; you simply don’t accept any assignments until you’re ready to.

Travel Nurses Have Job Security

As a travel nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a variety of specialties. This will benefit you when looking for new assignments or if you’re ever interested in settling down and becoming part of the permanent staff. Your opportunities for employment will open up when employers see that you have experience in many different areas. While you’re travel nursing, you don’t have to worry about not finding work because you can move to whichever location is in need of nurses. Additionally, instead of hoping for a certain position to open up like most nurses have to do who are permanently employed by a hospital, you can search for different growth opportunities, such as functional medicine in Denver. All these things can be added to your resume and increase your chances of getting hired for future jobs.

Final Thoughts

A travel nursing career can have benefits like job security and flexibility, but there are many more. However, the greatest reward you can have as a travel nurse is knowing that you are truly making a positive impact in the world and in the lives of others.

We hope you found this article on 3 reasons you should consider becoming a travel nurse in 2022, are you a travel nurse and have advice for those considering becoming a travel nurse? Comment below.

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